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Lawn Care Questions and Answers

Grassclippings - Lawn PassionOccassionally on this lawn advice blog, we like to take live questions and post them up on the main site and then answer them.  Here is one recent example.

Question: I`m following your advice, although by the looks of it my grass isn't as bad as your pictorial!

I put down a selective weed killer at end of autumn, then again in March. Two treatments have done the job but I lost some grasses too.  I have moss killed, scarified and lots came out, then moss killed with sulphate iron 2 weeks ago as moss took to the bare patches. Ive aerated the soil 3 weeks ago too.  Some of the bare patches I made loose by forking over and rakingMy question is that the rest of the ground/soil is very hard, not loose soil. Are the new seeds really able to sit on this ground and work the way in and root?  Maybe nature is that good!

Answer:  Thanks for following our lawn advice blog and using some of the 700 lawn related articles on it.  You have commenced the lawn renovation by getting rid of what you did not want in the lawn, namely the weeds and the moss.  What you need to do now is to get some new grasses into the bare areas and get it growing to cover these areas and then get the lawn sward healthy and dense.

The lawn renovation process clearly defines the flow chart of treatments and mechanical operations that you need to do in the order that they need doing in.  For your situation, aerate the hell out of the lawns surface and then over seed and fertilise and fertilise again in three months time.  React to any weeds once the new grasses are strong enough, so after about four months and some regular mowing.

We hope this helps your plight and dilemma.  One thing we can tell you is that a grass plant root can exert ten times the pressure of what's in your car tyre on a little crack and fissure in the soil which is why grass and weed roots can quickly destroy the fabric of a building if left in situe and not weed killed if they are growing in the wrng environment.

Good luck and tell your friends about Grass Clippings!




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