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Why is my lawn not perfect?

Grassclippings - The Perfect LawnWith the RHS Chelsea Flower Show having closed it's doors the subject of domestic lawns raises its head once again. The huge interest in gardening (and lawns in particular) begs the question 'why is my lawn not perfect?'  If you view garden programmes on televison you will rarely see or hear the topic of lawns featured. It's a real conundrum that this quintessential part of the 'English' landscape does not attract a higher profile within the media.  

The general phsyche that 'its only grass' or 'lawn care is only a science' doesn't help to raise the profile of lawns in the great scheme of things. 'What's the point of the British Lawn?' broadcast on Radio 4 in August last year was part of series hosted by Quentin Letts. This included comment and dialogue from Mike Seaton, Prinicpal of the Lawn Company. His website includes a link to this programme.

Lawncare Calendar

When you consider that the lawn is usually the largest area of the garden, the general lack of knowledge about lawncare is acutely embarrassing. In simple terms, retaining your grass cover over what is purely soil is the main objective. The timing of domestic lawncare is often the key to a smart and weedfree lawn. May is a month when most lawn care tasks and renovations should have been completed, ready for the mid-summer months and enjoyment of the garden. These include late spring aeration, scarification and top dressing. Disease issues should also be addressed as the growing season is well under way. Selective weed control is crucial to avoid both the visual and practical issues of this in the peak summer months.  Many people get the flow chart of lawncare wrong and this creates problems because of incorrect timing and order of treatments and mechanical operations.

The vagaries of the weather will also have an impact on your lawn. To avoid dispruption to your lawn, its essential to give the sward the best chance of survival if drought or heavy rain should prevail. Applying lawn food every three months, not just in spring, is a key factor. If rain becomes a problem - when the soil air to water ratio changes in the autumn, or after a wet summer, then worms may surface in August. They will also provide problems with mowing, and affect the aesthetic look of your turf. CastClear is an organic non-pesticide control solution available to domestic lawn owners to deter the worms from casting.

Degree Level in Turf Science

There are a number of lawncare tips and advice available from leading experts, non more so than Mike Seaton. The Lawn Company Team have been looking after sports turf, lawns and sports turf for over 32 years and have built up an unenviable knowledge of practical, technical and commercial knowledge of the turf and lawn industry.

Mike Seaton is qualified to degree level in the science and practice of turf culture and is a regular contributor to the professional and domestic turf care industry press. He is the only registered lawn and turf expert on the website and his philosophy of Advice, Service and Supply is key to the Lawn Company's strategy.

There are over 700 articles written by The Lawn Company Team on this lawn advice blog to help you with your lawn.  Use the search facility to bring up the article to solve your problem.


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