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Quentin Letts evaluates The Bosch Robo Mower

Grass Clippings - Quentin Letts - Robo MowerFor all those lazy lumps who hate mowing the lawn, salvation is at hand.

The cordless robot mower has arrived, made in Britain by Germany’s Bosch. You press a couple of buttons, sit back in your garden chair, and bingo, chore done. Alles ist gut!  But is it, in fact, any good? Does this robot mower work?

Daily Mail Writer and lawn enthuiast, Quentin Letts gets to grips with the Bosch Robot Mower.  Quentin Letts referrered to Our Managing Editor, Mike Seaton, as 'A herbicultural Hercule Poirot' when recording his BBC Radio 4 series, What's the point of The British Lawn.

It is called the Indego and one sits on my back lawn as I write this, its green light aglow like some cyclopic fiend. Turquoise-coloured with a futuristic design, it certainly looks 21st century.

Though we live in Herefordshire, it radiates a sense of the moneyed swank found in the City bankers’ quarter of Chiswick in west London. 

I am not sure I love this Indego, though I am bewitched by the thing. It purrs. It seems to have a life of its own.   Yet there are drawbacks. When I went to bed two nights ago after giving the Indego its first outing, I swear I could hear the earthworms laughing. 

Assigned by the Mail to test-mow the £1,300 robo-mower, I blanched. I am not good at assembling machines. There may be less practical men in the kingdom, but I have yet to meet them.  So I made sure our builder friend, Matthew, was on hand when we lifted the Indego from its large box.

Matthew is good with machines. Still needing to give Indego a fair trial, I rose early next morning, pegged out an entirely new patch of terrain (this time free of obstacles) and gave it another run.

This time it worked better, but the grass-cutting remained feeble. A pair of hand-operated toenail clippers might have achieved more. Maybe our lawn was too rough, or too wet from recent rainfall. I suspect the Indego might be better suited to a smaller garden in a hotter, suburban climate. The Indego can be programmed to mow while you are at work. Those Chiswick bankers, see?

I enjoyed watching it go about its perambulations. There is something pleasingly hypnotic about its jinking, juddering progress. What a gallant little robot it looks. But there is too much of the hairy caveman in me to persist with the thing.  I like cutting my own grass, leaving my own stripes on the lawn, inhaling the sweet smell of fresh cuttings and working up a sweat. 

If I am going to spend £1,300 on the garden, I’d prefer to buy several years’ worth of cider for quenching my thirst after an old-fashioned mow, thank you.

Indego, off you go.

Read about Quentin's Lawn Adventures on The Daily Mail

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