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Don't mow your lawn to protect Bees

Grassclippings - Stop MowingIt is a chore many could do without. And now we have Government backing not to bother mowing the lawn – because it will help bees.

Environment Secretary Liz Truss will today sanction a nation of messier lawns for the benefit of our dwindling bee population.

Making her first major speech since she was given the cabinet position in the summer, the Conservative politician will say that bees benefit from the wildflowers allowed to grow free.

‘People can help pollinators in their garden at home or the local park or school space,’ she will tell an audience at the Policy Exchange think tank.

‘Oxeye daisies, lavender, primroses, cyclamen, they are just a few of the common flowers that are bee-friendly. ‘I have to confess that not mowing your lawn so often is one piece of advice that I have no problem following.’

The number of wild bees in Britain are thought to have halved in the last 25 years, and other pollinating insects such as butterflies and moths are also struggling. Miss Truss will highlight insects’ role in agriculture, where they play a vital role in pollinating crops.

She will say: ‘Without those insects, not only would our parks, gardens and countryside be much more drab places, our food could well become less varied and some of it more expensive.’

The loss of the nectar insects feed on is partly to blame for their decline, with 97 per cent of our meadows and their carpets of wildflowers having disappeared since the 1930s.

The new National Pollinator Strategy, published today, encourages farmers to cultivate strips of land for wildflowers.  And schools, businesses and local authorities are asked to plant nectar-rich plants on their land.

But householders are also asked to do their bit, by allowing a patch of land to grow wild, selecting bee-friendly plants, or simply allowing part of their lawn to grow go un-mown.

Experts advise that lawns not be cut after September to protect bumble bee nests in the grass. It also allows caterpillars nesting in the ground to survive until spring.

Read more on The Daily Mail

We say - what a load of old grass clippings!





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