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Merry Christmas from The Grass Clippings Team

Grass Clippings - Merry ChristmasWith Christmas Day less than five days away, your lawn and garden may be the last thing on your list!! 

Our Managing Editor was looking at his lawn this morning and a sports field yesterday and both looked pretty much the same.  A slightly damp surface and some discolouring of the older grass leaves in the sward.  The turf grasses look like they need a feed or maybe a little bit of soluble iron to colour the lawn up and toughen up the grasses for the onslaught of winter. 

He opted for a little bit of lawn fertiliser and prayed that the weather would remain mild enough for the fertiliser to dissolve and get into the soil to benefit the turf grass plants. He also applied CastClear to deter worm casts on his lawn.
The cold weather a week ago managed to almost see the frost getting into the ground by an inches but now it has gone and we are having an unseasonable mild spell of a barmy warm 8 degrees but with a little chill factor from the prevailing WNW wind making it feel more like 5 degrees.

By now, you should have cleared up all the leaves and other tree debris from your lawns and got the aerator out to alleviate any surface compaction to aid in the percolation of water through the lawns surface and to help the grass plant roots breathe.  It is not too late to give your lawn a little trim too if it remains dry and a few stripes in the lawn will really lift the garden.  The months of October and November have not been kind to lawns with the constant rainfall and some are still a bit soggy underfoot and thinning.

What ever you have planned for the Holiday Season, enjoy yourself and we will be back in the New Year with a few more hundred technical articles and lawn news.  In the meantime, tell your family and friends about this great lawn resource used by domestic and professional lawn owners alike.  There are over 750 lawn related articles to browse should you get a quiet moment and need something to read in front of the fire!

Merry Christmas to our UK and International readers.


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