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Stan Brouard in Guernsey stocks CastClear

Guernsey - CastClear Stockist - Stan BrouardStan Brouard was a carpenter prior to the second World War. He built his first wooden glasshouse at Clemrose in the Forest Parish in 1937 and grew tomatoes.  He enlisted in the RAF during 1939 and saw active service until his return to Guernsey in 1946 when he built more glasshouses.  In 1950 he began a horticultural pest and disease control business in Guernsey.  Later in 1962 he also commenced the same line of business in Jersey.

Many strings were added to the business from 1976 onwards and by 2003 when the crop spraying business ceased to operate the many varied areas of the Stan Brouard Group continued to be very successful.

They became stockist of the new worm cast suppressant CastClear a year ago and from an order of a single outer, their recent order this week was for 2 outers of each 1,000ml, & 500ml and 250ml.

One of the major areas is The Garden, Leisure & Furniture Store which provides Islanders with a wide variety of gardening equipment, indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as hots tubs, outdoor buildings and much more.

From humble beginnings in the late 1930’s the family of the founder of Stan Brouard and their valued ‘family’ of employees continue to operate the Stan Brouard Group as always with the main emphasis being on customer service and satisfaction.

CastClear is an unique non-pesticidal nutrient that increases turf health and deters wormcasts.

It suppresses and deters earthworms from being in the upper reaches of the soil where their casts cause so many problems on the lawns surface.

CastClear contains more than 5% amino nitrogen with more than 15% bio-organic sulphur.  It's non biocide too.  CastClear is a unique combination of nutrient materials that have been clearly shown to reduce worm-cast levels on sports Close scientific evaluation has shown that this new product does not kill worms or reduce populations, but does deter worms from travelling through treated soils.

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Jenny Dyke

Please can you sign me up for your newsletter on grass and lawn maintenance and what to do with clippings etc.

Many thanks

Jenny Dyke

Reply - keep an eye on this lawn advice blog as it is a bit like an interactive newsletter on lawn advice and tips.

Jenny Dyke

Please can u sign me up for your newsletter on grass maintenance.

Reply - we update this news blog multi times a week so keep visiting here for news.

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