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Being a Lawn Specialist

Grass Clippings - Editor Mike SeatonOur Managing Editor, Mike Seaton is a Fellow Member of The Institute of Groundsmanship and talks about his time in the turf and lawn industry.

'Being a lawn specialist is a bit like being a Doctor at a party.

A friend of mine is a Doctor, who when at a social gathering where the majority of people do not know he is a Doctor (as they have never met him before) enquires as to his profession; he tells them that he is an Undertaker.  This action stops the deluge of questions seeking advice on a particular health matter or problem.

Being into grass and lawns is exactly the same for me.  I keep a folded up £20.00 note in my wallet for the first person who spontaneously informs me that they have a great lawn when the conversation gets round to my profession. 

The majority of people get embarrassed, particularly during the BBQ and garden party season, ashamed of the state of their turf. People I meet enquire if I play golf and I say no, I drive one and go yacht sailing to get as far away from grass as possible!  I always believe in practising what I preach and I have great turf despite being a dog lover and even my lawn is thinning after months of relentless rainfall.

It may suffer like everyone else with some erratic mowing because the weather is a bit wet when I plan to mow it and the dog leaves a few marks but on the whole it is dense, green, consisting only of healthy desirable grasses and great to walk on in bare feet at the right time of the year when we are actively using the garden.

Of course, I am never happy with it and although I own an old Ransomes Marquis cylinder mower, I mostly resort to the rotary as it suits the time availability devoted to mowing the lawn.

In today’s technological world where we have labour saving gadgets and a life controlled by Information Technology the basic core science of turf culture has not changed.  We have had make-over programmes on the television, numerous gardening magazines and advisory organisations that assist us with our gardens, large and small and irrespective of budget. It has taken until now for a Team to endeavour to raise the very low profile of the quintessential British lawn!

The lawn is after all the carpet of the room outside and the lawn is often the largest part of the garden and the most neglected by many.

The knowledge base found on this web site is supported by over 34 years; hands on practical, technical and commercial experience in the sports and leisure industry.  If you think you do not need qualifications to practice professionally in the science and practice of turf culture, I'll tell you that my final degree exams were 21 hours long and all from memory and no course work!  They were the days, when you had to work really hard to pass examinations.  Any I was still working full time as a Groundsman and Contractor thoughout. 

With a structured career path ranging from a humble Groundsman marking the white lines on a football pitch or preparing a first class cricket wicket, or selling turf care products to the professional industry to treating weeds on golf courses and renovating lawns large and small for everyday people or Royalty.

You see, they all have a problem lawn so why should you be different?

I sincerely hope that we can assist you with your lawn through our other web sites of and also and the 750 lawn related articles on this lawn advice blog.'

We are also responsible for Weed Free the contract pesticide company and the lawn worm cast control product CastClear.  We are always very busy indeed!

If you are a member of the Press & Media, take a look at Mike's profile as a grass and turf specialist on Expert Sources.


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