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Fifty shades of .... Green

Grass Clippings - 50 Shades of GreenAt the Garden Press Event held in London this week, one female garden writer asked The Lawn Company Team ‘How do you make a lawn sexy?’

The roots of our love affair with lawns go deep in to our nation's history. We British are obsessed with our lawns. It's estimated there are between 15 and 18 million of them and every year we spend hundreds of millions of pounds and dedicate countless hours on them in pursuit of the perfect striped manicure.

There is plenty of sweat and toll involved in owning a lawn.  Equally, like a romantic liaison, there is the question of the warm up period, careful timing and then the steamy wash down of the equipment afterwards.  The majority to be weekly but some keen people consider the perceived level of activity twice a week and if you are a green keeper, this increases to daily!

The first record of what we would recognise as a lawn was in the 17th century and along with our passion for cricket, bowls, football and lawn tennis we've spread the art of lawn-making around the world. But at what cost?

With pesticides, fertilisers, all that water and the carbon footprint of hour upon hour of mowing some would argue that lawns are anything but green.  And with so many other things to fill our time, is it really worth all that cost and effort to produce mown concrete?

There is sound proof that gardeners spend a lot of time researching how to look after their green swards.  This lawn advice blog, called aptly Grass Clippings has over 750 lawn related articles on it, which are all free to those seeking advice.  Mike Seaton, Managing Director of The Lawn Company, who specialises in the advice, service and supply of lawns via their main web portal has spent the last five years writing furiously in a bid to help the confused lawn owner.

‘It’s a bit like being a Doctor at a party scenario’ says Seaton, ‘When people find out what I am qualified in, no one every says that they are pleased with their lawn or has a great lawn and then the lawny questions start over the canapés and champagne’.

We saw a great acronym a while a go that made us all smile - M.I.L.F or Mowers I'd Like (to) Fix. Funny!

When we asked Mike for further comment were met with ‘Now I am off to buy some flowers for the other love in my life!’


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