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Best Ways To Promote A Healthy Lawn

PerrywoodStatement gardens are always full of an abundance of stunning flowers and clever architecture, but a plush green lawn is the one thing that can tie it all together.

Perrywood Garden Centre is a garden centre of excellence, one of the top ten garden centres in the UK. They are also stockist of CastClear, the lawn worm and soil cast control product brought to you by The Lawn Company.  They have submitted this article for publication on Grass Clippings Lawn Advice Blog, and we hope you enjoy it!

Lawns can be an easy chore or a true nightmare depending on the time of year it is, so it’s always worth cluing up on what to do when your lawn is not looking its best. Here we take a look at some of the more fool proof techniques to keeping your lawn in check.

Keep Pets In Check

Cats and dogs love a lush lawn. They also like to chew, and have a habit of marking their territory all over the place. Constant exposure to this will see your lawn become patchy which isn’t a good look. Try keeping your pets busy with toys, and encourage them to mark in one area instead of many. You also need to be careful if you own rabbits or guinea pigs as when they are left to their own devices that can strip your garden bare. Containment is key.

 Avoid Harsh Chemicals

It’s all too easy to panic and buy into the idea of a ‘quick fix’ product and some may even do more harm than good if applied incorrectly.  More to the point, these products are an incredibly unnatural way of dealing with the problem.  You may also be doing harm by using pesticides and other such critter repellents. The best way to encourage growth is simply by trimming less, and leaving the minimal clippings on the lawn. The nutrients from the clippings alone is enough to keep it happy as they are full of nutrients and organic matter.

Check Your Soil

In order for your lawn to get good head start it needs the best quality soil to give the grass seeds the resources needed to thrive. If your lawn seems to be drying up you may need to water the lawn more frequently. However, you shouldn’t water too often as the grass will happily retain a large amount of the water over long periods. You can also invest in some eco-friendly lawn feed to help boost its iron intake.

Spring Cleaning

Leaving grass clippings on your lawn can certainly help it grow, but if it is left on the lawn for too long the grass can go a tad rancid. Growth can also be stunted if there is an excess of twigs and leaves lying around. Not only do they carry little nutrients, but can stop some of the sunshine from getting to it. Raking regularly is an important part of lawn care, but you must be careful that the rake doesn’t tear the grass. Damaged grass is harder to look after.



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