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Controlling Lawn Soil Casts on your Lawn

Grass Clippings - Early Bird Gets The WormEarthworms are responsible for throwing up a massive volume of soil casts onto the surface of  lawn, making the surface uneven, sticky with mud and unpleasing on the eye, and often unusable too in the autumn to spring months, especially in the prevailing wet weather.

Help is at hand in the shape of CastClear, a unique combination of nutrient materials that have been clearly shown to reduce worm-cast levels on sports turf and lawns large and small.

Close scientific evaluation has shown that this new product does not kill worms or reduce populations, but does deter worms from travelling through treated soils.  It is unique in using a surfactant system that moves the nutrient into the upper soil structure and fixes it there providing good persistence of deterrent effect until broken down to natural nutrients, absorbed by plant roots. 

It can be used with absolute safety from first tiller formed on new seeds at low rates of application and year round on established turf.  Maximum Single Application rate is 20 lts per Ha, which is 10,000 sqm, but a programme of 7 lts per Ha applications every 10 - 20 days will produce best results.  Apply in a minimum of 250 lts per Ha of water.  Do not acidify or condition the water used to apply this product or it will not work and do not tank mix with products known to reduce the pH of the spray water.  Shake well before use.

Application Rates and Instructions:-





Initial Treatment

200 ml

2.5 lts Min

100 sqm

16 - 20 day intervals

70 ml

2.5 lts Min

100 sqm

Should you have a query concerning the application of this product, please email before use or visit the product web site Ongoing lawn advice and lawn technical leaflets can be found by visiting this Lawn Blog at


Essentially non-hazardous and not-toxic but take sensible precautions.  2. Avoid eye contact. 3. Prolonged contact with skin may cause dryness.  4. Wear suitable gloves and face protection when handling this material. 5. Remove contaminated clothing immediately.  6. Wash hands and exposed skin before eating.  7. Could be harmful if swallowed.  8. Keep out of reach of children.  Notice: Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions

Available from The Lawn Shop in a one litre bottle that treats up to 500 sqm from £19.99 or search on Amazon for CastClear from The Lawn Company.

All prices plus carriage and VAT.


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