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The puzzle of lawn treatment products

Grass Clippings - Spring Lawn TreatmentsYour local Garden Centre or DIY Shedwill soon have shelves and pallets full of bags and bottles, granules and sprays and potions to help you create a better lawn this coming spring time.

Quite often, there is no one around to help you select the correct product to solve your lawn care problem and it is left to you to make the decision, not quite sure whether you have the right product or not when you get home.

Top ten tips for buying and applying lawn care products -

Make sure you know the correct size of your lawn in square metres, this will allow you to buy sufficient product to complete the job as per the product label

Plan your lawn treatments and mark up the calendar so you don't forget to make the treatments

Repeat Fertiliser applications every three months throughout the year

Do not mow three days or before applying a lawn treatment product, longer if weed killing

Buy your product from The Lawn Shop as they are professional quality products and the fertilisers for example may be puchased online in units as small as 2.5 Kgs, ideal for a 100 sqm lawn

Make sure that your application equipment, so fertiliser spreader and garden sprayer are calibrated correctly so you apply the correct amount of treatment product per square metre otherwise you will not get the results

Compare the strength of products on the garden centre shelves to make sure you are getting the strongest product for the best price.  Compare the grams per litre written as g/l so 12g/l is a lot weeker tahn a 110g/l.  The grams per litre relate to the amount of active ingredient in the product per 1 litre of water of the product

Most lawn treatment product are sold in 'treats so many square metres' packs so knowing the size of your lawn is really important

Try and buy a lawn fertiliser only product rather than a combined weed/feed/moss product as the individual product actives will provide far better results

Look at the analysis of the fertiliser and also the Nitrogen percentage.  The Lawn Shop sells fertilisers with a typical anaylsis of 28-3-8 with a 50% Nitrogen slow release content.  Scotts Lawn Builder has an analysis of 22-5-5 at a similair cost per sqm so The Lawn Shop product is more cost effective as it has more nutrients in it


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