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Lawn Shop 150 x 150Your lawn will not stop growing over the winter months and growth will slow down.  Every warm day we get will increase the natural metabolic rate of the lawn and make it grow some more. It will soon be time to start preparing for the arrival of spring so get your lawn treatment products ready to apply together now! 

The lawn will really need a boost with some Sulphate of Iron and some Lawn Fertiliser to get it out of the winter doldrums. Once you do your first mow, plan to start with your spring time treatment programme.  With the wettest year for over 100 years, your lawn will need some coaxing to lift it out of the winter doldrums.

Worm casts can be a real problem too and these can be controlled right now with a new product distributed via The Lawn Company and their Lawn Shop called CastClear to control lawn worm casts.  The worms are great for the lawn, but their casts make such a mess.  Worms naturally eat soil and extract the goodness from it before passing it out of their bodies onto the surface.  Excessive fallen leaves will encourage worms as will not collecting the grass clippings each time you mow.  Treat your lawn with CastClear now to get the surface clean of worm casts ahead of commencing mowing.

The Team at The Lawn Shop have over 34 years practical, technical and commercial knowledge of lawns and their care so you can rely on their advice and products as their Team use the Lawn Shop products on clients lawns. 

There are over 880 lawn advice articles on this blog so rather than rely on others advice which can for some reason vary greatly on a subject matter which is after all a science – the science and practice of turf culture.  It’s easy growing grass, turning it into a lawn is the hard bit.

Over 350 Garden Centres are stocking CastClear, the domestic approved lawn worm cast control product.  Ask at your local Garden Centre for a litre bottle that will treat up to 500 sqm.   Failing this, you can buy in The Lawn Shop and a handy Garden Sprayer too to apply it. 

Indigo Garden Spray Dye - lets you see where you have teated with a garden sprayer.


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