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A great lawn can help sell your house!

Updown House We can all visualise a nice green lawn with even width dark and light mowing strips. We can equally marvel at the visual appearance of a premiership football pitch on the television.  As the science and technology of turf culture has progressed since 1966, premiership football pitches still look equally good at the end of a gruelling 90 minutes of play compared to the Wembley pitch back then which was bare of most of its grass cover and the players covered in mud.

A lawn has many benefits too, some of which are not always pre considered when a landscape project is being planned.

A natural lawn creates a relaxing space of natural beauty. Grassy areas quickly affect people's moods by creating feelings of serenity, privacy, thoughtfulness or happiness. Its yearly cycles of growth and colour changes, lifts the human spirit and links urban dwellers with their countryside heritage.

Turf grasses absorb harmful Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and release vital Oxygen to sustain human and plant life

Front lawns of just 8 average houses have the same cooling effect as about 70 tons of air conditioning, while the average home-size central air unit has only a 3 - 4 ton capacity.

While strict conservationists berate the lowly lawn as an expensive consumer of natural resources, it is actually a natural provider for our ecosystem. Healthy, dense lawns absorb rainfall 6 times more effectively than a wheat field, four times better than a hay field, and prevent runoff and erosion of our precious topsoil, keeping additional phosphorus from entering our streams and rivers. A healthy lawn also traps much of the estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt released into the UK atmosphere annually.

Lawns purify water entering into underground aquifers. The lawns root mass and supporting soil microbes act as massive filters that capture and breakdown many types of pollutants common to our urban environment.

A healthy, vibrant lawn also increases the real estate market value of a home and its saleability. A Gallup Survey reported 62% of all UK homeowners felt investment in lawns and landscaping was as good or better than other home improvements. The investment recovery rate is actually 100 - 200% for landscape improvement, compared to a deck or patio that will recover only 40 - 70% of the installation cost.

Proper and well maintained landscaping adds 15% to a home's value according to buyers.

Faster recovery rates among hospitalised patients have been observed when the patient's room viewed a landscaped area compared to patients with non-landscaped views.

Athletic playing fields covered with dense turf have proven to be safer for the athletes as demonstrated by a simple egg drop test. When a dozen raw eggs were dropped from a height of 11' onto a 2" thick piece of dense turf, none broke; two thirds of the dropped eggs broke on thin turf from that height, and from just 18", all the eggs broke on an all-weather track!

If you are trying to sell your house, consider the potential buyers first visuals of your house or property when they enter the gates. Maybe the sales brochure is being prepared ahead of sale. The backdrop of the bricks and motor against a yellow and brown lawn will look just terrible and no amount of computer doctoring will enhance the visuals of a sad looking lawn.

The Team at The Lawn Company are used to renovating and improving the colour, appearance, vigour and density of lawns large and small so if you are selling your home for multi £millions or a more conservative figure, remember that a nice lawn may get you an earlier sale but plan ahead as it will take a short while for the lawns to look a lot better for the sale brochure or sale board and first viewing.

They are able to suggest and implement ‘quick fixes’ if time is not on your side so they are always worth a call to get your lawn up to speed if only in colour and not up close and intimate. All year around.

The picture at the top of this blog post is of probably the most expensive private property to be offered for sale in the UK and clearly highlights what is mentioned above - if the lawns were enhanced, the outdoor photographs across the grounds in the sales brochure would look stunning. 

We have worked on the lawns at the featured property many years ago when the lawns were first laid in the mid 90's.  It looks like they need us again or maybe you do. Contact us on


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