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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Grassclippings - Lawn SprinklerThe weather is being fairly kind to us of late, with nice nice warm sunny days and the occasional rain storm which is great for the garden including the lawn.

August can be a hard month for the garden, trying to keep all the plants flowering and trimmed and shrub borders looking their best.  It's the same for the lawn.

On a dry warm day in August, the natural water loss from a lawn could be around 46% so if you applied 1,000 litres of water, you would have lost 460 litres of water through evaporation and evapo-transpiration. 

Apply a further 1,000 litres the following night and if the weather is equally as hot, you would have almost lost the first 1,000 litres you applied after day two.  You can see how easy it is to get a water deficit and watering your lawn is soon pointless as you cannot keep up with the water loss and true requirments.  There is nothing like rain, both for quantity and eveness of penetration.

Grass will naturally go brown when there is the stress of drought and lack of available water so don't worry about it unless you are hosting an important event or creating a sports surface.  If the turf grasses were fit and healthy before the grass went brown, then the crown of the plant will quickly recover and return to green once we get some regular and decent rain, the right sort of rain that goes into the soil rather than runs off becuase it comes down so fast!

One great tip is to reduce your mowing frequency and raise the height of the mower.  Mowing yields will naturally reduce if the weather is dry and the shorter you mow your lawn, the quicker it will go brown.  Also if you do not keep up your nutrient / fertiliser programme to keep the grass plants healthy, the lawn will suffer more from the stresses of drought.

Make sure that you kill any lawn weeds as the weeds are taking up the valuable water that the grass plants could be utilising at their hour of need.

Why not consider the following lawn tasks this weekend?

Fertilise your lawn again

Control any lawn weeds

Trim your lawn edges

Lightly scarify your lawn

Top dress your lawn to restore any micro levels

Over seed your lawn with grass seed to thicken up the sward

Sharpen your mower blade

Change the oil in your mower

Make any minor repairs with seed or turf


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