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Controlling Lawn Worm Casts with Sulphur

CastClearWorms are great for the lawn but in the autumn through to the spring months their casts cause a really big problem on the lawns surface making it muddy, bumpy, wet and uneven.  Worm Cast control products have not been available to domestic lawn owners until now.

The worms are at the moment drowning with all the wet weather but as soon as it dries out a little your lawns will be covered in worm casts.

CastClear is the sulphur active solution to lawn worm casts.  The worms simply do not like the taste of the sulphur, although CastClear has many other ingredients in it to make the sulphur more effective.  CastClear is a NEW organic and unique combination of nutrient materials including sulphur that have been clearly shown to reduce worm-cast levels on lawns large and small.

It's the solution to lawn worm cast problems and has been selling in Garden Centres since the autumn of 2011.  It is now being stocked by over 350 stockists and available online too with over 10,000 retail units sold to date.  Find out more

It's a lawn worm suppressant and a deterrent. It's proven in control on both lawns and sports turf.

It is unique in using a surfactant system that moves the nutrient into the upper soil structure and fixes it there providing good persistence of deterrent effect until breaking down to natural nutrients absorbed by plant roots.

As the soil air to water ratio changes in the more traditional autumn months, you will notice an increase in worm cast activity. The wetter the autumn or winter, the greater the worm activity will be. The root zone of the lawn will become spongy as the worms undermine the upper surface and mowing will become difficult, especially with a cylinder mower. The use of the lawn will diminish as a result of the difficult surface conditions.

It is not the activity of the worms naturally aerating the soil beneath the grass surface, but the detrimental effect of their soil casts that cause the problems. The soil making up the casts is very slimy as it consists of soil and the natural secretions from the worm’s digestive system. Left on the surface of the lawn, the casts will be smeared across the grass through the actions of mowing and walking on the lawn.

Find out more about controlling lawn worm casts here


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Charles Riach

Going to use on our Bowling in Fyvie The worm cast are terrible just now.

Reply - CastClear is being used on Bowling Greens around the UK with great success but you do need to keep up with the maintenance dose top ups of 1/3rd the initial dose rate and make sure your sprayer calibration is spot on.

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