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Robot Lawn Mowers: An Introduction

Robomow_rs615_automatic_lawnmowerTechnology now-a-days seems to be advancing at a rate that we can’t keep up.

There’s some sort of robotic in almost every aspect of our lives.  It’s getting to the point where companies (and I mean any type of company) really don’t have a choice, if their products don’t have the newest technology then they’ll perish (bit of a sour note but it’s true!). 

Guest Blog Article Writer Lyle Macleod who has set up a robot lawn mower review web site, tells us more. 

Well I’m glad to tell you that lawn care is no different and companies have made great strides in incorporating this brand new technology into their industry…say hello to Robot Lawn Mowers.  These are incredible machines, saving you a whole load of time and effort whilst keeping your lawn looking great. They’re exactly what I’ll be going over in this post, so if you’re new to robomowers then you really don’t want to miss this!

What Are They?
Simply put, a robomower is a self-propelled and independent lawn mower.  They make use of a series of sensors and state-of-the-art navigation technology to make their way around your garden just as accurately as you can, in fact maybe even more so. They require no guidance from you while they’re out, so just sit back, relax and let them do their thing.

Robomowers are programmed with their own mowing schedule which you can alter to suit your individual requirements. No longer will you have to make time for mowing the lawn, you are in complete control and it’ll do exactly what you ask.
So, if you want the lawn mown before you get home from work then no problem, just program it to do so. If you want it to mow after you get home to keep an eye on it, just program it to do so. Even if you want it to run during the night, just program it to do so.

Sending one of these onto your lawn with no control can sound a little dangerous, especially if you have kids. Well don’t worry all robomowers come with the necessary features that prevent harm or injury to anyone or anything in your garden.
They have obstacle sensors to detect objects coming near them, bump sensors to stop it from continually running into anything, sensors which turn off its blade whenever it’s lifted or tilted and PIN and alarm systems which prevent anyone from tampering with it.  So as you can see these machines are just as safe as your typical push mower - maybe even safer as most have much smaller blades.

Future Improvements
GPS technology is getting more and more common within these products even where they are only used as assistance. I believe they will soon take over and robomowers will navigate solely using GPS, meaning there would be no need for the perimeter wire and therefore no blades of grass are left uncut.
Removing you from the entire process, now I don’t know about you but this excites me!

Comparison to Push Mowers
Robomowers don’t just make your life easier they also do a better quality job.
Because robomowers are designed to mow on a much more regular basis, they only take off the smallest of clippings. This not only means you don’t need to go gather them up like you would with a push mower, but it also benefits the health and look of your lawn.  The clippings are so small that they can fall all the way down to the bottom of the soil where they decompose to act as a mulch. This adds moisture to the soil and provides it with essential nutrients that promote better grass growth and result in an overall healthier lawn.  So over a few weeks you’ll begin to see some significant improvements in your lawn (something a push mower couldn’t achieve). It’ll begin to look greener, fuller and because of the regular cutting schedule, much more even.

In conclusion robomowers are fabulous pieces of technology, they save you time and effort and provide far better results than the conventional push mower.  So if you really want the best for your garden then you need to get a robot lawn mower.

If you want to learn more then head over to Easy Lawn Mowing. Here you’ll find loads of information on a range of different robomowers, all with their own reviews and videos.

Thanks Lyle, a great article and insight into Robo Mowers.


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