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Thank you so much for your very helpful and informative chat on Chafer Beetle Larvae

IMG_6244With the current EU wide ban on insecticides to control lawn grubs such as Chafer Beetle and Leatherjacket Larvae, lawn owners are resorting to extreme measure to rid their turf of these troublesome grubs!

This spring time, sports turf and lawns across the UK are going to be devastated by these feeding Larvae, with little hope of control apart from Nematode worms. We can only dream of some emergency product use approval from the UK Government and Ministers.

We get many calls to our office from lawn owners seeking lawn advice and below is a typical dialogue today from a lawn owner in Hampshire who noticed a large infestation of Chafer Beetle Larvae in her lawn area and ripped up turf from foraging mammals such as Blackbirds, Crows, Rooks and Badgers.

The telephone call started with a description of the problem and her methodology of removing the turf to drastically reduce the larvae population by allowing her chickens to free roam over the infested lawn.  The caller did state that the lawn vegetation did consist of lots of moss and yarrow and the lawn was in need of some renovation this year.

Dear Mike

IMG_6237Thank you so much for your very helpful and informative chat - I have to say that you are first truly knowledgeable person I have spoken to on the subject of Chafer Grubs and re-seeding a lawn.

Please find attached some photos of the chickens - they are truly the best way - they gobbled up the grubs, have eagle eyesight and helped me rid our lawn of the infestation.  Fingers crossed we have achieved our goal! We did the following: 

  • Peeled back the lawn to reveal the grubs, 
  • Shook out the turf in case any of the critters were hiding in the turf
  • Disposed of the turf and will cover with a tarpaulin to "cook" any hidden grubs!!
  • Till the soil once a week with chickens scratching away for a month
  • Rake out the soil
  • Fertilise
  • Sow grass seed and wait!

If you do put our story on your website, do copy me in and I will share on facebook!  I have to have some fame/sympathy for my sore fingers!!

Best wishes


In response, we emailed back some links on Chafer Beetle Larvae, Establishing a new lawn with grass seed, some advice on Top Dressing and some links to The Lawn Shop for Grass Seed and Fertiliser purchase options.

Happy to help.  There are over 1,100 lawn related articles on this lawn advice blog that are free to search on a particular lawn problem.  We did like Liza's comment that 'You were more helpful than the RHS'



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