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Nematodes are a simple and effective way to control multi garden pests

Nematodes - BASFForget about the once complicated and daunting world of pest control; the modern domestic gardener uses the sophisticated, yet simple, biological method of simply watering on nematodes.

Nematodes are micro-organisms which occur naturally in the soil where they hunt down and attack pests, with each nematode species having its own specific prey, meaning that they will harm their prey, and only their prey.  BASF has the largest specialist nematode production facility in the EU – and the only one in Britain - growing trillions of beneficial nematodes for use in their Nemasys range of pest controls.

To use nematodes, all you do is select the appropriate product, mix with water and either pour from a can with a coarse rose or spray onto the foliage and soil, depending on the variety.   This process is repeated throughout the season, from the moment that the first signs of pests occur, and can be easily slotted into your regular watering routine. There is no need to keep children or pets away from treated areas and the whole programme is entirely biological so all the Nemasys products can be used by organic gardeners.

Nemasys products include a control for slugs, leatherjackets, ants, vine weevils and chafer grubs, as well as a product containing number of different nematode species which will protect a fruit and vegetable garden from the wide range of pests that can be present there.

“Our products each work on the very simple format that the nematodes deliberately seek out their particular prey and kill them – simple as that,” says BASF’s Gavin Wood.   “Treatment can continue throughout the growing season and when the pests have all been wiped out the level of nematodes in the soil will immediately drop back to the normal concentrations.  When temperatures drop at the end of the season, the nematodes will naturally reduce in quantities until the soil warms up again.

“There is absolutely no fuss.   The packs are kept in a refrigerator until they are used and can be safely stored alongside food and drinks without the remotest possibility of contamination,” says Gavin.

For lawn owners, there are Nemasys Nematodes to kill Leatherjacket and Chafer Beetle Grubs.


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