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Controlling worm casts on artificial grass

Grass Clippings - Earthworm Cast on Artificial LawnWe get a lot of questions from lawn owners and these also come in from owners of an artificial lawn.  Home owners with an artificial lawn foolishly think that they are maintenance free but this is not the case!

They will require sweeping, brushing and leaf removal, weed control, moss control and re levelling if sand filled.  They can also suffer from Earthworms pushing a soil cast through the fabric, leaving a muddy mound of soil on the surface. Just what you do not need!

Thankfully, like Earthworm Cast control on a real lawn, CastClear, the solution to worm casts on lawns can also be applied to keep the pesky Earthworm casting activity at bay, thus preventing the mounds of soil deposits on your plastic green sward.  It will be okay to apply it to a plastic lawn without leaving a stain.




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i have Artifical grass and it seems I have a worm infestation that is destroying my lawn . Nothing has come through the grass but underneath is all huge gullies and cast that have lifters the lawn in many many places. I don't know what to do after my husband having to lift this heavy grass up to see the damage I was devastated . Can you help?

Reply - Use to control the Earthworms.

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