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Lots of talk about Earthworm control at SALTEX

CastClear Amenity 5Lts Small ImageOur Managing Editor headed off to the main trade exhibition for professional Turf Managers  IOG SALTEX held at the NEC in Birmingham this week to catch up with suppliers and colleagues in the Professional Amenity Turf Industry.

There was lots of talk about the demise of the professional worm cast control pesticide based on Carbendazim.  Thankfully, we have had a pretty dry autumn to date so sports surfaces are not over blighted by earthworm castscurrrently but they will be as soon as the rainfall increases! 

With no professional product(s) available to turf managers and green keepers, there are only a few options available to control worm casts on UK golf courses and sports fields.  The EU Ministers are slowly screwing up the sports turf industry by banning so many useful and vital turf care products necessary to keep our vital swards.  They will be the first to complain when they cannot play golf themselves as a result of their collective stupidity.

CastClear Amenity is the specialist larger unit of sale of the ever popular Garden Retail product CastClear for the specialist Amenity Horticulture and Sports Turf sectors now that the pesticide Carbendazim has had it's registration revoked by the EU and UK Parliaments with available stocks to be used up by 31 August 2017 under the ruling.

Professional Sportsturf Managers are therefore really going to struggle this autumn to find a long established, proven and reliable solution to control earthworm casts on sports turf and CastClear is well placed to help their needs in controlling earthworm casts on their playing surfaces.

CastClear Amenity is currently available in convenient 5 Litre Tip & Pour Containers and sold in a 2 x 5 Litre Outer. Larger units of sale available upon request.

CastClear has been selling in the Garden Retail sector via The Lawn Company since 2012 and to date over 10,000 litres have been used by domestic lawn owners and some smaller sports clubs where Carbendazim could not be used.

Initial Application Rate: 20 Lts per Ha in a minimum of 250 Litres of Water per Ha

Maintenance Repeat Application Rate: 7 Litres per Ha in a minimum of 250 Litres of Water per Ha

5 Litres treats 2,500 square metres

Please email the CastClear Team for more details on CastClear Amenity


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