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Brown Lawns are Cool!

Brown Lawn in Drought Turf experts are advising homeowners to avoid watering established lawns after one of the driest starts to the summer for many years, putting pressure on water supplies.  No dount there will be water restrictions looming.

High pressure is continuing to bring a spell of fine, dry, sunny and warm weather to the vast majority of the UK into the weekend.

Paul Gundersen, Met Office Chief Meteorologist, said: “For the first time this year, we have seen temperatures very locally top 30.0 °C, with 30.1 °C on Monday. However, we are anticipating that temperatures will increase further over the next couple of days and remain high by the weekend: it’s possible that some locations could reach 32.0 °C.

“The focus for the highest temperatures is expected to shift towards the west of the UK into the middle of the week, and then northwest, before temperatures potentially begin to hot up again in the south over the weekend.”  With temperatures into the low thirties over the next couple of days 🌡️, there is a chance we could beat Northern Ireland's all time record of 30.8 °C and Scotland's June record of 32.2 °C

The Turfgrass Growers Association, whose 50+ members produce more than 70% of the turf grown in the British Isles, says that during hot weather, the watering of established lawns is, in most situations, wasteful and unnecessary.

"Our message to homeowners is not to worry if your lawn goes brown during the summer" says its Chief Executive. "Going brown is the natural survival mechanism of grass. When water is in short supply grass responds by shutting down. The brown colour shows that it has stopped growing until more favourable conditions return. Grass is remarkably resilient, and as long as you follow a few basic rules, most lawns will recover completely when the rain finally arrives."

Their Top Tips

Increase your mowing height to 35-40mm - this creates deeper roots and more shade and shelter from higher temperatures

Try not to concentrate wear on one place - move the barbeque and furniture around

No need to feed the lawn during a drought as grass the will not be growing during hot dry weather - important to fertilise before and soon after to get it ready andn to aid quick recovery

Avoid blanket weed killers as these may damage the grass - use a spot weed killer if necessary

Keep the mower blades sharp as blunt blades bruise the grass leaf and it loses more water

Scarify your lawn once a year to remove matted and dead growth - if allowed to build up this acts as a barrier to rainfall

Visit The Turfgrass Growers Association


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