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Bees prefer Urban Gardens to Farmland

Grass Clippings - Bees Prefer Urban GardensBees driven off farm land due to changes in their natural environments are finding refuge in the 'posh' urban gardens of the middle classes.

Private green areas inside towns and cities, as well as communal spaces like allotments and parks, have become safe spaces for the pollinating insects.

That's down to the diversity of attractive species on offer, including lavender, dandelions, brambles and buttercups, researchers say.

Bees' natural habitats are being threatened by the use of pesticides and man-made changes to the range of plant species found in the environment.

In the future, cities could become important for all insects, which face threats such as pest control on agricultural land, an international team of researchers found.

Results from their four-year study found allotments and urban gardens are the best environment for bees.  

Gardens in richer areas typically had a wider range of flowers, the team found. 

This is consistent with the so-called 'luxury effect' whereby higher socioeconomic status is often positively linked with urban biodiversity. 

'In our case, the effect is driven by the greater quality of floral resources for pollinators in wealthier neighbourhoods,' the authors wrote in the study.

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