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Grass or mud? Why Worm Casts are unhealthy for your Lawn

CastClear Banner 851x315Worm casts on a lawn and any sports or amenity turf surface can cause severe problems for more than one reason.

CastClear - is The Solution to Lawn Worm Casts.  It is a unique liquid concentration of nutrient materials that have been clearly shown to reduce worm cast levels on lawns and sports turf

CastClear gives lawn and turf managers a life choice of worm casts or no worm casts and grass on their lawns over the winter when gardeners are doing everything they can to preserve the natural turf surface in the slower growing months.  Grass or mud, it's your choice.

There are five types of Earthworms that cast in the UK.  They worms naturally break down the organic matter to humus to improve soil fertility and soil crumb structure and drainage.  The casts last around 6 months when the earthworms are more active in the upper reaches of the soil, clearing their runs a bit like mole hills.

It is not the worms that are the problem, but their casts.  Having said this the casts do not directly harm the grass but the squashed mounds of soil do when walked on as they can render a lawn and playing surface unusable on account of the sheer amont of mud that has suddenly arrived on the turf surface on account of active worms.

Worm casting is a problem for mowing machinery that will quickly get clogged and replacing high tech bottom blades of reel mowers can be costly as the soil of the casts acts like a grinding paste, literally wearing the metal away through friction and soil deposited on the turf surface will quickly clog up and stick to the moving parts of cylinder and rotary mower and also accumulate around rollers and wheels and operators feet giving them the classical 1970's platform shoes in no time!

Soil wrapping around rollers will interfere with the required height of cut by effectively lifting the mower above the grass meaning that the cylinder and bottom blade are artificially higher and as a result, inconsistent grass height happens. Soil is also abrasive and if a machine is constantly forced to work in far from ideal conditions, sharpening and maintenance or even part replacement costs can occur.

Worm casts are also an ideal weed seed bed; even if you switch or brush greens and fairways, seeds, blown around by the wind will germinate in the soil leading to further remedial maintenance. Left uncontrolled, the worm casts form hard mounds on the surface of the lawn making it bumpy to walk on and mow. If the surface of the lawn is wet following rain or a heavy dew, the worm casts pick up on your feet and stick like clay to your boots as the soil deposit is full of sticky worm body secreations.

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