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When to start mowing your lawn in the spring

Grass Clippings - Lawn Mowing in SpringPick up any old lawn book and it will state that you should not mow the lawn between the end of October and end of February. This is rubbish. We are often asked by clients when should they start mowing the lawn in the spring. 

Anyone jetting off for some romantic winter sun this week could have saved their cash and stayed at home instead.  A flow of sub-tropical air is set to make Britain warmer than parts of the Mediterranean over the coming days as temperatures hit 15C (59F) by Valentine's Day tomorrow, which is more than double the seasonal average.

Temperatures are set to soar in most areas of the UK thanks to the arrival of milder air originating from the Azores - and there is due to be plenty of sunshine, although western parts are likely to be cloudier.

The weather is a bit of a mixed bag at the moment but some of the day time temperatures are getting higher so there is some minimal grass growth and the garden is waking up with daffodils showing and some out in bloom already.  If we get another  'beast from the east, cold snap, this will retard growth a little but all is not lost - spring will be here soon so get prepared.  The Green Keepers are already mowing fairways.

The turf grasses in the lawn are now growing and if you are brave enough, get out this weekend and 'top' the lawn on a high mower setting to tidy it up before the Scotland Vs England Six Nations rugby match starts! The effect of mowing the lawn will not only stimulate additional growth and activity but you will feel a lot better for the exercise and the garden will look so much tidier.

Do not take more than 25% off the growth off the lawn in any mowing session otherwise the grass will turn white. All to often you see lawns that have had the living daylights mown out of them - this foolish activity will weaken the grass plants and not benefit the lawn at all, fueling more moss and weed activity.

In a week or so after the first mowing session of the season, you will be able to apply your Sulphate of Iron to control the Moss in the lawns either by way of a three in one feed, weed or moss lawn fertiliser product or a stand alone application.  Then plan to fertilise your lawn with a good quality slow release lawn fertiliser.

Should you have requirements for lawn feeds and equipment, please visit The Lawn Shop


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