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March Lawn Care

Lawn Shop - Spring Lawn Care Spring officially starts on March 20th this year and media pundits are suggesting that it may be a week early.  It has been a long winter for most of us in the UK but now you can see Daffodils out in flower adding some great colour to a winter ravaged garden and lawn.

March and April can be very unpredictable months with regards to the weather and as a result we are not out of the thick of winter yet so don’t be too hasty – just be prepared like any good Boy Scout knows.

There is much work to do in the garden in the spring and often than not the lawn is the last on the priority list and it should be first as some work can be done to the lawn that can be left for a couple of weeks whilst other gardening tasks are performed like fertiliser treatments to give the grass a boost.

Once you have mown the lawn a couple of times on a sensible mower height, removing no more than 25% of the growth during any one mowing session think about giving your lawn a fertiliser and moss control treatment and then a light scarify and aerate and as it warms up a little plan to over seed it after scarification.

Worm Casts can be a bit of a problem in the spring-time.  The Earthworms are great for the lawn, their cast not so and these can be controlled and deterred by a Worm Cast Deterrent.

If your lawn is beyond repair consider a full renovation process or maybe consider re-turfing it and start afresh.  This does not mean that you will not need to care for a new lawn, which is one of the biggest failings of new lawn owners.

March is a little early for sowing grass seed, especially the first two weeks but if it looks like the lawn is growing weekly then take a chance and over seed your lawn earlier.  The germination process may take a little longer than normal and it all depends upon the temperatures and any wind chill but it will grow.

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