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Spring your Lawn into Life

Grass Clippings - Spring Lawn CareWith the Country currently in the grips of Storm Gareth, the weather is hardly encouranging people to get outside to make a start on their gardens through fear of being hit by a stray branch debris or a roof tile. Hard hats at the ready!

Still, thinking back to last year and the 'Beast from the East', with a zero spring-time, this March has been a whole lot better so let's not complain about the weather quite yet.  The weather was so nice and sunny a few weeks back.

March and April can be hard months for the garden, and we are not out of the woods yet as we enter the second part of March.  I can recall snow in April and the scaremongering comments from the Weather Forecasters at times does not help the garden industry as a whole.

Time to fire up the lawn mower that has laid buried in the garden shed and get it serviced ready for the spring time rapid grass growth which has not yet commenced.

Here are a few jobs you can get to grips with this weekend on your lawns:

  1. Trim the lawn edges
  2. Mow the lawn on a high setting to tidy it up if ground conditions permit
  3. Rake up the last of the autumn and winter tree debris
  4. Apply a Soluble Iron from The Lawn Shop to retard the moss. Scarify out two weeks later
  5. Control your lawn worm casts with CastClear - available from over 450 retail stockists or online
  6. Treat your patio and driveway with a residual weed killer and use Indigo Garden Spray Dye to assist you when making the application. Let's you see where you have or have not or should not have sprayed!
  7. Rake out any Mole Hills and level these
  8. Clear and shrub overhang from the lawn
  9. Restore the edges of the lawn
  10. Visit The Lawn Shop for your spring granular fertiliser

If you need ongoing advice, search over 1,360 lawn related articles by using the search facility at the top right.  You will be in good hands for lawn advice.

Whatever you have planned this coming weekend, enjoy!


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