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Getting your Weeds under control

Grassclippings - Weed ControlA weed is simply a plant growing in the wrong place.  Such as your driveway, patio, terrace, fence line, car park, garden centre, industrial site... the list is endless.  Weeds will grow anywhere so long as there moisture.

Weeds really ruin the fabric of a fence line and building line and post and wire fence base as well as brickwork and pavings and a planned programme of weed management is a good practice to adopt.

Weed vegetation is a fire risk, visually unappealing, making a site look unloved and untidy.  They are easy to control.

Creating a weed free mowing strip to reduce strimming and hand weeding is a great idea and when available labour may be looking for a job, your team can be quickly deployed to a weed control task in preparation of improving the visual image of a site in the coming season.

The best methodology is to take a walk around your site with a hot steaming mug of coffee and make a list of the precise areas that have been neglected.  Storage yards, behind the sheds and buildings, fence lines, building lines, at tree bases, kerb lines, block paving, slab paving, tennis courts and even on roofs and gullies.  You will quickly get quite a list of different situations.

Most people are more familiar with a systemic or translocated total weed killer based on Glyphosate.  This will kill all weeds and greenery the active ingredient product touches, with the weed grasses showing signs fairly quickly and more woody weeds taking a while if not requiring another application of control product to totally kill and destroy it.

What are least known are the benefits of what are called residual weed killers or cold soil weed killers, applied when the soil is cold but where the active ingredient is retained in the upper reaches of the soil for up to six months preventing further weed growth.

Some control products area mixture of translocated and residual weed killers to provide dual benefit when applied to non crop areas.  There is a restriction of not spraying residual weed killers over the 100% surface of paving slabs but spray the cracks only, advice and restrictions that is not entirely useful, dreamt up by those that have ever picked up a knapsack in their lives before. 

Give our Team a call should you have a weed problem - Weed Control Contact Services


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