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Are Worm Casts destroying your Lawn?

CastClear deters Earthworm Soil CastsThe worms do a splendid job in the soil just beneath the grass crown, but it is a pity that their soil cast deposits pose such a problem for lawn owners.

CastClear is an organic non-pesticide control solution available to domestic lawn owners to deter the worms from casting.   There are only five types of casting worms found in UK lawns. 

Other European countries also suffer worm worm casts on turf.  The problem can be solved  CastClear is the solution to lawn soil casts.

Deter the worms from coming closer to the surface and the lawn will remain firmer, dryer, cleaner and grass cover over the winter will be retained. The lawn may be mown later in the growing season too.Worm casts deposited on the lawns surface will quickly clog up and stick to the moving parts of cylinder and rotary mower and also accumulate around rollers and wheels and operators feet giving them the classical 1970’s platform shoes in no time! The ideal time for worm cast control is traditionally at the very end of the summer leading into the autumn when rainfall and humid temperatures are expected through to the spring when mowing activity increases.

CastClear does not kill the worms, merely forming a barrier in the soil that the worms will not pass through as it is an irritant to them when they eat the soil containing the nutrient based deterrent and they stay  deeper in the soil for up to 20 days whilst the chemical is effective in the soil.  Re treatment will be required every 10 – 20 days following the first application at just one third of the initial dose rate.

CastClear comes in three units of sale.  Prices start at £29.99 for the 1 Litre bottle.  Apply at 200ml in a minimum of 2.5 Litres of water per 100 sqm of lawn in a garden sprayer – it is very economical for such great benefit.

Units of Sale Ml



Lawn Area Treats Sqm










Stockist opportunities are available so if you are a garden retail outlet, contact The CastClear Sales Team

Web site –

CastClear deters worms casting for up to 20 days

Non Pesticide formulation

Nutrient based with soil penetrants and organic sulphur

Proved control on lawn and sports turf with independent trials

Mixed with water and applied with a general garden sprayer

1 Litre will treat up to 500 sqm metres

Repeat applications at one third of the full does rate

A unique non-pesticidal nutrient that increases turf health and deters worm casts.

CastClear contains more than 5% amino nitrogen with more than 15% bio-organic sulphur.

CastClear is a unique combination of nutrient materials that have been clearly shown to reduce worm-cast levels on sports turf and lawns.

Close scientific evaluation has shown that this new product does not kill worms or reduce populations, but does deter worms from travelling through treated soils.

It is unique in using an environmentally friendly surfactant system that moves the nutrient into the upper soil structure and fixes it there; providing good persistence of deterrent effect until breaking down to natural nutrients absorbed by plant roots.

It can be used with absolute safety from first tiller formed on new seeds at low rates of application, and year round on established swards.

So long as correctly applied, you will notice a reduction of casting in about 7 days.  The casts that are present on the lawn at the time of application will not disappear but new ones will be deterred from appearing. 

Repeat application at 10 to 20 day intervals or sooner if lawn worm population is high, soil texture heavy or we have had lots of rain over the autumn/winter months.

Don't under estimate how many worms a lawn can have per a single square metre, as the minimum can be around 45 and the maximum recorded 170!  Actual worm cast numbers of between 45 and 119 per a single square metre have been recorded with the average 45.  That's a lot of sticky soil on the surface of a lawn in amongst the grass plants.

Available from The Lawn Shop, Amazon or Ebay and Garden Centre Stockists


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