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Catch up on your Garden Weed Control

Indigo Garden Spray Dye 2020Winter is a great time to catch up those annoying weeds that you see on your hard standing areas such as building lines, fence lines, around obstacles, tree and hedge bases, driveways and pathways.

Translocated weed killer / herbicides such as those with an active of Glyphosate will take a longer time to show signs of treatment but the chemical WILL work in colder conditions.

Take the guesswork out of seeing where you have and have not sprayed by using Indigo Garden Spray Dye liquid. You can add a small amount to your garden sprayer for use with all garden liquid treatments.
Price £13.00 for a 80ml bottle which can treat up to 80 Litres of spray solution. It will save you time, effort, treatment product, and most of all money!


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