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July Lawn Care Advice

4th JulyJuly for most of us began on the 4th because this was when the Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed meaning that we could stay over night in others property including guest houses and hotels and also go to the Pub.  Cheers!

The start of July has seen a fair amount of rain to date,  enough to help the lawns get out of the drought stress of April and May with 15 days of rainfall in June.

It will be considered a strange year for lawns and gardens with so many outlets closed for so long in the spring time, restricting the availability of lawn care products and plants to name a few.

The Lawn Shop Team had a few crazy months battling and solving supply chain problems, to get the raw materials in and the lawn orders out on time.  It is amazing how they adjusted to the challenging times imposed upon us all when working from home became the norm for so many people.

We have passed the grass seed flowing frenzy and straggly 'bents' lying on the surface of the lawn and the lawn mower refusing to collect these long flower stalks.  You could have run the Scarifier across the lawn to cut them off before mowing.

Time to fertilise your lawn again to help it get through the summer.  A Slow Release Granular or Slow Release Soluble Fertiliser are available in the shop.  The Soluble fertiliser will mix quite happily and safely with a lawn selective weed killer like Weedol / Verdone and Vitax Lawn Clear 2.

With the lawn returning to a more normal green colour, you may notice areas / patches that do not appear to be accepting the rainfall and remain dry and brown - called localised dry patches.  Use a Lawn Quencher Dry Patch Remedy Wetting Agent Tablet on this areas via a hose diluter.

Continue to mow your lawn in multi directions and watch out for Ant Hills which can be ultra annoying.

What every you have planned for July, get out and enjoy yourself, maybe at home or at a holiday destination.  Your lawn will survive if you need to neglect it for a while and if you get around to feeding it now, you run less risk of Red Thread Disease creeping in under your nose when you are away enjoying yourself!

There are lots of articles to help you in the month of July on this lawn advice blog.  Use the search facility, top right.


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