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Horrified TV Gardener Stefan Buczacki cuts down Monty Don on Lawn Advice

Grass Clippings - Briggs & Stratton Britain's Best Lawn 2016 CompetitionMonty Don said publicly yesterday that Gardeners should not mow their lawns.  'I encourage people not to have lawns,’ he said. ‘Cutting grass burns lots of fossil fuel, makes a filthy noise and is about the most injurious thing you can do to wildlife.’

Professor Stefan Buczacki, a former chairman of Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time states in his response to Monty Don in The Daily Mail  'It is estimated that the total area of lawn in the UK covers 2,000 square kilometres, or about half a million acres. That’s an area about the size of Worcestershire, divided up unequally into 20 million gardens, most with a lawn which is after all the carpet of the room outside.'

He continues, 'The Great British Lawn is a joy to behold. We do grass better than any country in Europe, because we have the perfect climate — with lots of rain and not too much sunshine.'

Read more on The Daily Mail

Our Managing Editor, Mike Seaton, a seasoned turf and lawn care specialist with over 40 years of treading the green swards under his belt responds.  'The Media have a very poor view of the benefits and wonders of a lawn in a garden despite a lawn square meterage is often the largest footprint in a garden.  Lawns on the whole, confuse the hell out of some Gardeners including Celebrity Gardeners and as a result lawns really do not feature on a regular basis in popular TV Gardening Series Programmes and Magazines, such as BBC Gardener's World.' 

He continues, 'Part of the problem for the lack of knowledge in the science and practical aspects of lawn care stem from lack of education in the subject matter.  If a student studied for any of the RHS Qualifications, the lawn and lawn care part of the complete course syllabus would only take a day or two which in my view is simply not long enough and even 5 days course work may just about cover it.'

'We provide lots of technical input for Gardening Magazine Lawn Features and write seasonal and timely articles when a request comes in.  We write the article and send it back and then the Editor changes the article so much it does not flow, even if our article had the required word count.  It is so frustrating and they can't be helped as they do not listen to sound advice.'

Mike Seaton is a RHS Judge and Speaker in the subjects of lawns and their care with specialist knowledge of horticultural pesticides and weed control.

There are over 1,500 lawn related technical articles on this well used lawn advice blog.  Perhaps Monty and his Celebrity Gardener Pals should take a look as they might learn something....






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