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How to become a Lawn Expert

Expert AdviceThere are a lot of people in all professions who claim to be an 'expert' and the lawn care and lawn treatment industry is no exception to this rule.

An individual with extensive skill and or knowledge in a particular field is said to be an expert.

An expert might be of interest or value to journalist needing information, comment or an interview for a news story or feature as this gets the journalist right to the spot they need to be for their story, saving them a lot of leg work, time and money. The internet has made a researcher’s job so much easier over the last two decades.

Expertise on any given subject is built up over many years on a practical, technical and sometimes commercial level, storing all the information gained along the way maybe into formal qualifications and recognition such as a degree. It is all too easy today for university graduates to study and achieve a degree in one subject then head off into a totally different career path all together - what was the point?

What is important in claiming to be an 'expert' is that you will never hear them say 'I do not need to know anymore, I know enough.' There are a lot of home owners who are experts in their own professional career and rightly so but not so expert when it comes to their lawns which follows a complicated science called Turf Culture, a bit like botany with a bit of biology, chemistry and physics thrown into the equation for good measure to make it all sound even more confusing.

Membership of select Trade Bodies like The Sports Turf Research Institute and professional educational institute such The Institute of Groundsmanship now the Grounds Management Association gives potential clients a warm feeling when they are inviting you round to survey their lawns, hopeful in the knowledge that you know what you are talking about ahead of awarding you any contract.

The Lawn Company, based at are experts in their own field (or lawn) and their expertise is supported by over 40 years in turf culture. Their advice is free which is evident by the many technical posts (over 1,500) on this lawn advice blog, used by over 3,158,778 visitors and growing as quick as the grass does.

Mike Seaton, MD of The Lawn Company and himself a true lawn and turf expert also a RHS Judge & Speaker who is proud to be listed on Expert Sources by searching the words of turf, grass, weeds, writer, and his presence on the site is evident by the number of enquiries he receives from newspaper and magazine researchers seeking assistance with lawn articles and news. If you are a researcher and need some advice or comment on lawn related matters - please get in touch with our Technical Team and we will be happy to help.


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