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How to measure your lawn

Grassclippings - Measuring a LawnKnowing the precise area of your lawn will allow you to determine how much lawn fertiliser and other lawn treatment products to purchase, making sure that if you apply the correct amount of lawn treatment product in the first place, you can be pretty sure of the end result.

Applying lawn treatment products to your lawn is a fairly calibrated process.  Getting the correct amount of product or concentrate onto the lawn per each single square metre multiplied by the total area will give you great results.  Not knowing the size of your lawn will lead to problems, waste money and cost valuable time and effort.

You can use a piece of string, a tape measure, a metric measuring wheel or stride out, where an average stride is 3 feet which equals a yard which is 0.9 of a metre written as square metre or sqm.  An acre has 4,040 sqm metres in it and a hectare is 10,000 square metres.  A golf green is typically 500 sqm, a bowling green 1440 sqm and a tennis court inbetween the lines 400 sqm or 100 sqm per quarter.  A tennis court and the run back surrounded by the wire is 650 sqm. 

Try and measure your lawn in small squares or rectangles and then add the total square metres together to arrive at your total lawn area.  If your lawn is an odd shape, square it off and you will not be far out on the final measurement.  Keep a record for each lawn areas, rear, side, front. You get the idea.  Most lawn treatment companies will make a charge per sqm on a sliding scale when they reach economies of scale on a larger lawn.

Fertilisers are typically applied at so many grams per square metre, usually 30g/sqm and a 20 Kg bag will cover 666 sqm.  Chemicals are applied as 5 litres per Hectare (Ha) in so much water per Ha such as 200 litres per Ha.  A 500 square metre lawn will take 0.25 litres of product in 10 litres of water. 

Square metres and Hectares (10,000 sqm) are easy as they all divide by 10.  A lot easier than acres and square feet and yards.

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