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Nice article. Red thread disease is a fungal infection found on lawns and other turfed areas. It is caused by the corticioid fungus Laetisaria fuciformis and it has two different stages. The stage that gives the infection its name is characterized by very thin, red needle like strands extending from the grass blade. Thanks.

Pat Tobias

I have red thread fungis on my lawn. I have a landscaper who cuts my grass on a regular basis. He never mentioned to me about what was wrong with my lawn, I'm sure he had to know. What is the best course of action for me. Thanks Pat.

Reply - It is a shame that your Landscaper is not aware of a simple lawn fungal disease but hey, that is why our blog is so successful. Fertilise your lawn with some granular lawn fertiliser from and repeat every three months.


I have had a red thread problem for years. It is worse this year, since it has been a very rainy spring. I tried so many things, fungus control, lime, high nitrogen feed and it comes back every year after about 4 or fifth spring cutting. Tried malorganite, waiting to see.

Reply - Simply keep the nutrient levels up, Nitrogen and Potassium and it should be kept at bay unless there is a rapid change in the environment of warm, moist muggy weather.

Mr Les Millar

Hi with regards Red Thread i have a lawn specialist who treat my lawn every month. They have been treating Red Thread since June it is September and it is still there. My question is should this be the case, or when treated should it be away by this time. They dont take soil samples so how can they tell if it is lacking nitrogen, as having read here.
Cheers Les

Reply - Red Thread is a grass seed genetic problem. They need to apply more units of Nitrogen, so more fertiliser. Or apply a lawn fungicide like Bayer Lawn Disease Killer.


I have suffered from red thread on a newly seeded lawn in Hampshire UK. For the first time in 4 summers the lawn is disease free. I top dressed the lawn with "Pro Grow" from Veolia in the autumn and fed the the lawn from April to June with a nettle fertiliser (nitrogen rich) and a proprietary weed and feed. I firmly believe that top dressing is the most significant factor in controlling the red threat.

Reply - we use the trade equivalent of Pro Grow to top dress lawns and it is a great organic material! Totally agree with your comment and interested in the bit about Red Thread resistance.


I have read all the articles on red thread, and yes, my grass burns out and dies after affected. (We live in Pittsburgh, PA) I have fertilized. Penn State and Rutgers have good postings on resistant varieties of perennial grass. But where do you buy it?



Reply - search online for a professional golf course grass seed supplier.

What a great blog!!

Reply - Thank you

The federal government is encouraging farmers to spread a chalky waste from coal-fired power plants on their fields to loosen and fertilize soil even as it considers regulating coal wastes for the first time.

Reply - Interesting .....

Jeanette Hooper

My lawn was laid 2 years ago by a local supplier and was supposedly grown from Rolawn seed old lawn taken up topsoil laid and then turf, initially looked really green.

Since I had it laid Green Thumb have come quarterly to maintain.

We have now considerable Red Thread, any suggestions. Green Thumb say we need the lawn scarified and aerated, but will this get rid of the red thread

Reply - Go to and type Red Thread in the site search facility for a technical article on the subject.

Mike Seaton


You can sometimes see a light pink fungal growth in the mornings on affected areas, sometimes called 'Pink Patch'. You can use a wide range of contact and systemic turf fungicides to control an outbreak but fertilising the lawn is the best remedy. Hope this helps!


if i do have red thread, it is a pink and crystally looking on the patch itself.. in the early morning dew. if it is i am looking for a natural method to neutralize it. use a natural fertilizer. 15-8-7 or something like that. is there a natural way to dispose of fungus. can i use pl
ant fungicides.

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