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I water an area of lawn in the early evening and then wait. The little paskies come to the area to eat where you can pick them up and transport them to the countryside. Works every time....try it.

Chris Power

The mole frequented my lawn and left mole hills, which made my wife angry and threatened to kill him with mole trap. But was stopped by my 6 year old son and the cartoon image of the mole saved him.
We have now found a way to live peacefully with the mole by using anti moles net. although this method may take some time and physical strength to complete, the process we enjoy.
It is more important for people and animals to live together in peace than to kill moles, not to mention that moles maintain the ecological balance of the subsoil.
To get useful tips and advice about anti moles netting visit


So far and crossing fingers I am wining the lawn warfare with a mole by using water, castor oil and good glug of Oregano oil which is incredibly strong, just try putting one tiny drop on your tongue and will see what I mean!


In the past I have soaked pieces of old towels cut up with white spirit and put down the tunnels and then tightly covered with the dirt and flattened, they don’t like that because of the strong persistence smell and have cleared off and never come back 😊

Reply - unusual remedy but if it works, go for it!

Barbara Smith

We have a sloping embankment and a stream at the end of our garden. We had a retaining wall build and top-soil and turf laid to raise the embankment (to make it easier to mow) and since we have been pestered by moles (must be the nice soft soil). We had a mole catcher who caught some but we now have a replacement mole or two! We have bought some traps (reluctant but they seem to be spreading onto the main lawn now. We are waiting for more mole activity before we do anything. We have considered laying mesh and re-turfing - has anyone tried this?
Also, some of the holes on the slope are open where the soil has been washed away by rain I think and I have noticed one or two bees hovering around them. I have researched this and I think they are solitary miner bees.

Reply: Response sent via email.


Try as I might, I cannot bring myself to kill a and let live!! I have found that deterrents do work, but you you have to keep at it. There's no "quick fix'. (..and neither should there be!) but I have good success in my modest garden with garlic. Morrisons do a brilliant product..frozen crushed garlic ( brand name "TAJ" , found near the frozen veg. cabinet). I find that by pushing a frozen lump into surface runs and tunnels as soon as they appear, I can displace the mole before too much damage occurs. The garlic lasts a couple of weeks before decomposing. And yes, you may just displace Moley to a different part of the garden, but providing he/she isn't damaging my veg., lawn or flowers, I can live with that. Many of you won't be so tolerant. So go ahead, nuke the poor little bugger and have done!


It's all very well catching a mole but another mole will soon come along and find the wonderful, ready-made run and take over. I have caught many moles over the years but my garden has deep, worm filled soil. As soon as I catch the resident mole there is a brief respite and then another mole takes over. The current resident is very cunning and won't go near the traps, just stuffs them with soil. It's a losing battle. There is a 7 acre field beside the garden but no moles are interested in that. If they want to be safe they can go there.

Reply: We feel for you...

Bilal Khan

Your lawn is the first thing that people see when they come to your place. This is the main reason why you have spent your time and money, It would be a shame to see it get destroyed by little pricks called Moles. Moles aren’t pretty at all whether they are mammals that mess your backyard or the in the shape of keels on your face. Everybody wants to get rid of moles at the earliest. So lets figure out how we can get rid of these destructive moles.


Mole's don't like vibration, it must sound akin to other moles digging, being a solitary type then move on. When my children were small they loved hand held 'windmills'. I don't like flimsy 'shipped-in tatt' so we bought chunky, sturdy wooden stemmed mill's found in garden centres. I poked a bamboo stake into the turf to make a 'hole', tapped two tacks,cross ways one third of the post up (panel pins 40mm) work great. Plant them into the pre-made hole near/on mole's hill.Crossed pins help with balance and allow the windmills vibration to travel down through the stem of the mill into the ground. We still see 'hills', now and again in the surrounding field's but NOT in our garden ! Rural England, Genie x

Johnny rotten

mash up some worms in a plastic bottle.
Cut some juicy fruit chewing gum into strips, longways,
Shake the chewing gum strips in the "Worm gutsludge" bottle.
Carefully expose the mole holes, by digging back the mole hill with a trowel.
Handle the gum with latex gloves on to avoid leaving your human smell on them. In fact use the same gloves you mashed the worms up with!
Place a strip of gum in each of the excavated holes, and then cover the holes with a large flat stone, to block out the light.
The Moles will eat the gum.... they like juicy fruit worm gum for some reason.... and the gum kills them by blocking them up.
Some people might not like killing them like this, so just keep shovelling the mole hills away, and re-seeding the bald lawn areas to keep your little chums happy!

Reply: Your method is a bit unusual but ho hum.


In the last week, I have caught two moles in my yard by looking for movement and then taking a shovel and flipping out the area where the movement was. I get the mole into a bucket and take it to a wooded area and release it. Takes patience to wait for the movement but when you do get it in a bucket, you know you didn't harm it and it won't be bothering any lawns once released in the woods.

Reply: You are good at catching them! Totally agree with your actions if you can catch them and move them to a new site but they are very territorial.


I caught my mole today by hand from a shallow run in bark clippings laid over dense clay. We have quite a big area like that. Took him a few miles down the road. He has created some nice soil out of the clay though.


Have to agree with some of the comments before. I much prefer to hear people using humane mole trapping rather than poison or unsafe nets.

After all they don't realise they are causing harm


I have a Japanese themed area 40ft x 20ft covered in weed membrane and 2 inches depth of gravel. (4000 kg)

I also have moles constantly changing the vista. I doubt that laying mesh under your lawn
will work!!

David McBride

Can I lay a fine chicken wire mesh then soil over then grass to stop moles?

Reply: It sounds like a good idea but we do not know the definitive answer to this proposed pest control concept!

Cedar Hill locksmith

I love this stuff

Sandra Rutter

Does anyone have a contact for a mole catcher in the Warwickshire area please?

Reply - go onto as he trains them and may know of a catcher near you.


Great article! Thank you James I've never thought about wire net before and we've tryed every thing we could think of. We bought 300m and it's all set up now. No more molehills!


If you don't want to harm little mole probably the best way is to use plastic net placed under your lawn really well explained here it will definitely stop mole hills from reappearing but it does require little bit of work to set it up.


I would never harm any animal'' and moles are lovely' but 3 mole hills have appeared on my lawn' wondering what i can do to stop anymore' i would never hurt or kill them' so trapping is out the question!!


Great post and interesting article. I used a mole catcher for the first time this year, very friendly and a bit of an expert. I would highly recommend Craig Parkinson, for anybody in the Lancashire area looking to get rid of their garden mole


For get tip about how to set mole traps visit


To get useful tips and advice about how to set a mole trap visit

David banks

I use bleach it soaks in and the moles don't like it they move elsewhere or you can use dog poo that certainly gets rid of them

morag stewart

why would you want to kill something just to keep your lawn pretty? Moles harm no one and are good for controlling pests and helpful to soil structure.The old way of " it annoys me so I will kill it" is outdated, or should be.

Irene Rawlinson

I have had moles in my lawn and I was told by a friend to put the playing gadget from a birthday card into the hole and they will go away - it works- the must only be able to stand Happy Birthday to you so many times !

Reply - thank you for this funny tip!


Thanks very interesting blog!


Does your website have a contact page? I'm having problems locating it but, I'd like too shoot you aan email. I've got some ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.


It's an awesome paragraph for all the online viewers; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

Mike Rodgers

The previous comment as to order products from kleeneze should be ignored, I have just tried to order the product only to be met with a form requesting several pieces of personal information that I think is totally inappropriate in this day and age including requesting my full date of birth all of which would be valuable to online fraudsters . I subsequently called the number on the website only to be told I couldn't order over the phone and that I had to have a visit from a distributor all for a £5.99 product
I ordered from amazon for far less and my details remain exactly what they should be personal information

John Horsman

Moles can be persuaded to move on by dropping cedar wood moth balls down the run, won't harm them but they hate the smell. Go to this site and enter 70670 in search box

Reply - Super stuff!!

George Savell

There is also the brand new EasySet mole trap made by Beagle. It can be set in both deep and shallow runs and in any soil type. It is easy to set - avoiding bruised / broken finders, and highly sensitive for a reliable catch. It also incorporates powerful springs for a fast and humane kill.

christopher milnes

Humane mole trapping is the only 100% way of controlling moles. I can normally cure a garden in 2/3 visits, 1 setting traps. 2 revisit to check and reset ,remove traps tidy site and remove caught moles. I am a north midlands based mole controller.

Mr Mole Man

Mr Mole Man has caught many moles in Shropshire as a professional mole catcher, the surface runs are also feeding runs and not just put up in the mating season by males. The sonic deterrents are short lived with the only way to rid a mole from your lawn, is by humanely trapping, since the use of strychnine is banned.

Mole Catcher

If moles are not controlled (humanely) they will destroy a lawn quickly. Even seen a garden that had collapsed due to years of moles tunnelling underneath the soil.

Mole Pole

Moles are pest to our lawn, they must be taken out but not in a brutal way.

Mole Pole

Unlike traditional mole killer traps poses a real hazard to family pets and larger animals or birds will be unaffected by the frequency which travels beneath the ground.

Mole Pole

Mole Pole is not a dangerous mole killer and poses no threat to children at all and is the Safest Mole Trap and Mole Catcher only totally safe option on the market.

Mole Catcher

Mole Pole Stop Mole Hills Instantly Before They Ruin Your Lawn

Will Piercey

I used to have a terrible problem with garden moles and tried everything but was always aware of the ethical dilemma (I was a veggy for many years) anyway I would highly recommend Justin Lake who has a certificate in 'Traditional Mole Control' (this training is provided by Jeff Nicholls mentioned in the article) & deals with moles humanely. He does all aspects of pest control for South Wales,Swansea & Carmarthenshire - Hope that helps others!

Reply - thank you Will. Also see on a worm cast deterrent

victor electric mouse trap

Moles are a real problem for us. This might sound like us being "big headed" but we have a bowl's green at work - however we have never been able to use it as one due to the fact there are so many mole hills.

We had them "sorted" and the mole holes levelled out, only for us to come back after the weekend to around 20-30 mole hills again!

Reply - okay, thanks for the tip on the electric mouse traps!


After years of rescuing moles from the clutches of the feral cats in the garden I have been repaid with some serious subsidence of my new turf. I'm still not minded to damage the moles but how do I fix my lawn?

Glyn - call your local Mole Catcher. Rake the soil off the lawn and over seed with new grass seed, seeding a little wider than the actual soil circle.

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