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Paul Dowdall

I am a member of a croquet club which is about 5 lawns in area (a full lawn being 28 yards wide by 35 yards long). I am querying on adding iron to the lawn (iron sulphate). We do have a water tank to use and I know the amounts of iron to water and how much it should cover. However, I have been looking further into this. Its suggested the best time of year is Spring, although you can do it from Autumn. Is this correct? Also they suggest scarifying, although they seem uncertain to whether its best done before or after iron spreading. Can you suggest which is best and why? Also, how often would I need to do it?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Reply: We emailed you direct.

Mr Trevor Ryan

I have an area of my lawn that is wet once the rain comes as we get some of the water from my neighbours run of ,we get a lot of moss ,treated with fertiliser this burnt the moss, should I rake ,scarify and put gypsum to improve drainage ,if yes how much would you suggest per metre.

Roger Stevens

I am going to use Iron Sulphate to kill my lawn moss, however, we have two small dogs, will Iron Solphate harm them?
Kind regards,

Reply: Keep the dogs off for 24 Hrs or until it rains as it will get on their pads and may hurt if they have a little cut on their pad.

Sandy Pistolas

We treated the lawn with lawn sand four days ago it has rained a lot on it so will it now be safe for my kids to play on the lawn now.

Reply: Yes it will


Great article with some really good tips, i used a new product for both my lawn and hard surfaces, apparently the frst chemical free moss remover which is a huge + for me as i have kids and two dogs. i got it through there website and its well worth trying

Reply: Thanks for this, we will take a look at your suggestion

Ron Dryburgh

I have sacrificed my lawn today and taken out 50/100 kilo moss/thatch/old grass clippings .Please advice if I can compost this at my allotment.I have not been able to get a direct answer.
Many thanks

Reply - yes if you have not applied a soluble iron first to kill the moss.


Love this really detailed write up.
Talks through the full extent of moss invasion.
Thank you for sharing

Kirsty Duncan

I've just started renovating our lawn before finding this article. There is a lot of moss and weeds so I've scarified the lawn with the intention of using a feed, weed and moss killer first. I was going to scarify again in 2 weeks then seed it. Should I seed it now then deal with the moss etc once the new grass has established?
Many thanks
Rookie gardener Kirsty

Reply - Get rid of what you do not want in your lawn first, then renovate it. See our article Renovating your Lawn


I use baking soda to kill moss. Sometimes kills surrounding grass though. When I used it in the winter it didn't kill the grass but in spring/summer it is (killing the grass). The grass is growing back though. BS also has killed that spreading, round leaf weedy thing.

Reply - that is very interesting. Baking Soda contains Sodium Bicarbonate so the salt element is killing the moss.

Steve Todd

I have been struggling with moss in my lawn now for a number of years, all of a sudden this year the moss is going brown and dying, all on its own. Although, at this stage I am not complaining, I would like to know why as I have not intervened. Any ideas ???

Reply - it has been quite dry over the past few weeks. You are very lucky. Rake it out quickly and over seed and top dress.

stuart jones

Can I rake out the green moss in my lawn and then reseed or do I have to treat it first and wait for the moss to die?

Reply - you can mow your lawn then scarify and mow it again and then treat with a moss killer like soluble iron. Works if the moss is very dense. You can always mow, scarify, mow again after the moss is dead.

Lilleth Meadows

Hello , My lawn and flower bed is full of moss I have put iron sulphate on the lawn but don't know how to get rid of the moss in the flower bed. Especially as spring flowers are growing. In two weeks time I plan to do the scarifying do I apply the 4in1 fertiliser after before or after re seeding. Also how long a duration between each step.

Reply - it is a tough one. You could do some selected spraying onto the worse areas. The problem is the moss in the flower borders will migrate onto the lawn unless controlled. Can you not scrape it out?

Jonson richard

Excellent info here, I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looing for.

Reply - super job, thank for your kind words.

George Patterson

I love your article!!! it gives me useful information!!! Thank you so much!!!


If the moss turns black really quickly (almost immediately), do I still need to wait 2 weeks before raking out? If so, why do I need to wait?
Also, I read that it can be useful to reapply moss killer after removing dead moss before re-seeding, to get to any remaining moss below any built up moss thatch. Would you advise that? And if so, when I can re-seed after a second application?

Reply - yes, wait two weeks for the moss treatment to do its work, then re apply and then wait two weeks then mow and scarify and mow again then aerate, fertilise, over seed and top dress in that order. Type in Lawn Renovation in the search facility to come up with the flow chart of when and how and what order.


Thank you so much for this very timely post!
I was just hosting my mother-in-law for a visit this past week, and don't think I effectively got across my reasons for not wanting to spray RoundUp onto the lush vegetation springing up from between the patio bricks. The kids can only dig up so much, and I think spraying first and digging after will be the way to go. I really appreciate seeing the results of your homemade mix in action!


We have a north facing garden that is not very wide, which is sheltered by a huge 12ft hedge on the west side. We do seem to get a lot of moss in our garden. I was wondering if it is just the issue of a north facing garden or whether the hedge could also be having a negative impact on our lawn?

Reply: Grass does not like north facing gardens and will go thin easily. The hedge is really not helping the situation by creating alien growing conditions for the lawn and turf grasses. You will need to keep over seeding the lawn maybe once or twice a year to keep the density and make sure you control worm casts with and fertilise every three months. Basically do everything you can do to retain densidy of the turf.

joan scott

I'm told that boiling water poured onto mossy lawns gets rid of the moss. I find this a bit drastic. Surely it would kill the grass also.

Reply - yes it will. Soluble Iron for moss control gets rid of moss as does raking it out and replacing with new grass seed. Healthy grasses in lawns also deter moss beautifully by keeping the grass cover to stop it getting in. Moss is always an indicator of a suffering lawn.

Neil Miller

Can I mow my lawn 3 or 4 days after applying iron sulphate. The moss is going black. or do I have to wait until I have scarified and removed the dead moss?

Reply - do not mow for three days before or five days after any lawn treatment. Leave the moss control for two weeks then scarify and fertilise and over seed and top dress.


I scarified my lawn and put down evergreen 4-in1. Should that be enough for lawn to go back to normal, even though bags and bags of moss came out leaving hardly any grass? Or should I be putting down grass seeds?

Reply - You hopefully put down the moss control product and left it two weeks then scarified. We never like piggy backing one product onto the back of another, use seperate fertiliser, moss and weed killer at the right time. I would over seed the lawn now and top dress with a recycled compost and feed only in three months. See for lawn care products.

Gillian press

Can the moss collected from a lawn be used in lining hanging baskets?


We bought our house almost two years ago now, the front yard has been plagued with moss since we've moved in. After reading your article my plan is to hit it with soluble iron, then 2 weeks later scarify it, then over seed. My concern is that I'll do something that will kill off the grass too, as it is out front where everyone in the neighborhood will see the eyesore. Do you have any words of caution on this subject?

Reply - If the lawn is mostly moss then kill it all off with a Glyphosate total weed killer and then perform the mechanical tasks you mention and then over seed and top dress it. Be cruel to be kind and if you are blanket over seeding then there should not be a problem if what grasses are there are killed ahead or during renovation.


MO Bacter has worked a treat for me over the last few years, to the point where on a 250 sq m stand there isn't a shred of moss.
To be fair, I have spent considerably on professional turf products too - wetting & aeration agents, soil amendments etc - but most thanks go to the MO B; what are your views on the product?

Reply - Proof in the results!!

will rude t

Use sulphate of iron moss goes black in about 2 days.



I have moved to a house with a huge lawn area, nearly 2 acres. The lawn is at least 70% moss! I cannot even think about killing the moss or the lawn as it is too big a job right now... I would like to start helping the grass "take back control". I realise this will be a long term project. Any hints

Reply - please read our article called How to Renovate a Lawn to get the flow chart of what and when and how to do it.


Very good tips. Moss is known as the most common horticultural problem in a garden. This is one thing lawn owners need to deal with sometime or other. Regular maintenance and improving the health of the lawn will help.


Now diclorophen is withdrawn is an alternative available for autumn control of moss in lawn?

Reply - Soluble Iron, little and often as a foliar spray will keep it at bay and also have healthy turf grasses and no bare areas!


Very well said. Thanks for sharing these tips. Now we can have great weapon against moss. And we can now be assured that our lawn will be healthy and moss free at all times.

cathy winters

Do you have any organic solutions to kill moss.

Reply - The solution is not to kill it if you want an organic solution.


hi, we got an extension completed last year. At the back of the house we always had a sloping lawn, so we also got this raised and levelled and finally a layer of topsoil. We put grass seed down in the autumn of last year and it has 'sort of' taken in areas. I now find this weekend, after much rain and humidity that we have a worse lawn than before! Large stones/bricks even and huge cauliflower type weeds! Would the topsoil have been an inferior grade? I realise that weeds can germinate, so I am realistic about that, but the stones, of which there are many, and bricks? My builder assures me it was top grade soil.(we have a south facing garden and live in Scotland)

Reply - what you put in is what you get out of it. It the soil was really stony then the grass will struggle for water. It might be best to total weed kill the new lawn off with a glyphosate based product, leave it a week or so and stone bury the stones into the surface, level and over seed and also fertilise. If you do not want this hassle, hand pick the stones, and over seed and fertilise and then top dress with a loam to fill in the micro levels. Recycled compost would be ideal for this task.

Debbra Japuncic

Very Cool, I have been going crazy about the moss in the front yard. I will try and update. Thanks for the info.

Tom Brett

I have infestation of moss on my back lawn and the grass is nearly gone because of it, what is the best way to get and stay rid.

Reply - Kill the lawn with The Lawn Shop Soluble Iron. Wait two weeks. Type the words Lawn Renovation into this lawn advice blog and an order of renovation will come up for you to easily follow. Good luck!

Jennifer Ansfield

I have scarifier my lawn today. When can I put down fertilizer on it. I must admit it looks well and took out lots of moss. Any advice please. Jenny

Reply - do it now and over seed the entire lawn too with new grass seed.


What/When are the best time's of year to treat Moss.

Reply - Anytime like now when the ground is not frozen, there is some grass grass growth and also moss in the sward. See and Moss Control for some Soluble Iron to treat it.


I put a new lawn in May but it's gradually being eaten up by moss. I've already put down some moss killer but it has returned with vengence and now I wonder if I can put more treatment down at this time of year i.e. in the middle of a mild winter.

Reply - Apply a Soluble Iron to the lawn at the end of January or sooner is weather mild. Overseed the lawn in the spring once you start mowing the lawn. Each 3 months, over seed again, especially if a north facing lawn. There are lots of articles about moss control on this blog to help you and overseeding and grass seed.

Mississauga Real Estate

It looks awful. I have scarified it and have now put down a lawn conditioner but there are bare patches every where.

Reply - over seed it with new lawn seed and the bare patches should quickly fill in otherwise they will soon have weeds and moss in these areas.

Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

Repy - thanks!

rick smith

Very informative thanks. I will now commence operation bowling green!

Peter chaloner

Hi what is the best way to over seed after scarification do I put compost down on bare areas thanks.

Reply - Peter, use a drop fertiliser spreader or a rotary spreader but you will have to stay away from the flower borders otherwise the gras seed will get into these. Make sure you apply at least 15 grams per sqm across all of the lawn. You can top dress afterwards to restore the micro levels. Search Blog for Grass Seed, Over Seeding and Top Dressing to find the articles you require to help you. Apply seed as soon as you are able to take advantage of the rain :-)


Hi, I have an infestation in my lawn of some type of ground covering weed, it looks like blanket weed that you'd find in a pond. The usual granular weed and feed doesn't touch it. It is rapidly spreading throughout the whole lawn and seems to smother the grass and ultimately kill it off. Please help!

Reply - pictures are always great - email to [email protected]

Caroline Jones

I have applied a well known 4 in 1 treatment for my lawn two weeks ago. It looks awful. I have scarified it and have now put down a lawn conditioner but there are bare patches every where. Will the grass grow back?

Reply - we bet that is had not rained since it was put down either? Applying a 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 multi roduct can 'shock' a lawn, especially if in drought or semi drought. Always best to apply seperate products. Over seed the lawn once rain promised infact you should always overseed a lawn following scarification. Hope this helps!

Trevor Prince

I have put lawn weed & feed on my lawn two weeks ago and have just scarified it. I have removed a vast amount of thatch and moss but unfortunately there is a dearth of rain at present. I have been watering the lawn at dawn and dusk, is this the correct procedure.

Reply - Yes. Best to over seed your lawn after scarifying it too. Pray for more rain too!


ive moved in to my house a year ago and now having the time and weather i have used a scratcher machine to pick up the moss from my lawn and applied feed and weed and moss killer to it, will this work?

Reply - always apply lawn treatments at least two weeks ahead of any mechnical work like scarifying. The trick is to kill the moss with Soluble Iron and then after two weeks, scarify it out and then over seed the lawn.

Mike Bryant

If you have treated the moss with Iron Sulphate solution but after 2 weeks it has not killed it all is it OK to treat again or will this damage the lawn?

Reply - No. The initial dose rate was not strong enough or too little water solution was used as the moss needs to be quite wet following applicaton. You can over do the Iron and damage the turf grasses. Applicator calibration is the key.


I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A MOSS INFESTED LAWN, I have read up on the causes, and remedies required to remove the problems that encourage the growth of "pest" in the lawn, but, initially, I need to remove the present
infestation before initiating the preventive treatment. I purchased a Kilo of Ferrous Sulphate to treat the area,but I cannot find the correct water / sulphate ratio, or the square meter coverage this mixed solution will treat. Can you advise please?

Reply - with The Lawn Shop Soluble Iron for Moss Control mix around 1.2Kg of it into 15 Lts of Water via a Knapsack and it will turn the moss black. You can increase to 1.5KG of product in the knapsack. This will typically treat 500 - 750 sqm of lawn dependant upon your Knapsack Calibration.

selling gold jewellery

So you have any solution to rodents???

Reply - it depends upon the Rodent - suggest a proper Pest Control Company

Ken Titley

Can I compost the collected dead moss when I rake and scarify. I have 500 square meters of lawn, and disposal is a problem. Ken Titley.

Reply - Ken, you are not meant to compost iron treated debris or clippings but you can do should you wish. You could get a Hippo Bag or small skip or take a few trips to the waster transfer station.

Ernie Holmes

a very helpfull article i look forward to trying some of thease methods

Ernie - Thanks for the kind words! Regards Mike Seaton

John Moser

A highly informative article, articulate and wide-ranging for once, rather than rehashing the same old points; thanks.

Would you care to comment on the new wonder-cure MO Bacter? I laid this down a month or so ago, and await the three-month cycle-end with a distinct mix of scepticism, fatalism and unbounded hope and joy.

Best regards
John Moser

Mike Seaton

10 Kg will treat 4,000 square metres per single application. Please apply the 10 Kg in at least 150 litres of water. 1 Kg per 400 sqm in 15 Lts of Water

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