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John Thompson

I have patches of fungi coming up through lawn(no stems).you can feel them hard lumps coming thru grass. They are clusters of hard light brown mushroom type and are spreading.

Reply - that shows that you have a healthy soil. September is Mushroom season.

Jennie Jeffries

I get my yard treated professionally and I maintain my yard. I have rust on my mower and myself after I am done with the yard work, you can't even walk in the yard without having it (rust) on your shoes. Need solution to control this problem.. Thank You

Reply: Mow your lawn as it like long grass and fertilise as it is a disease of long grass and poor or low nutrition. It appears on turf grasses when the night time temperature dip heading into autumn.


We planted new grass this year and gave rust pretty bad. Should I pick up the clippings after I mow or does it matter?

Reply: Fertilise it now and make sure you mow it weekly. It's a disease of longer grass mostly and a few other factors like nutrition.

Tim Salisbury

Hi Mike - on one of the lawns i've treated (including UMAXX fertilised) have got occasional patches of rust. So am thinking it cant be a lack of potassium and it was also overseeded. Should i treat with a fungicide? What do you think? Many thanks - Tim

Reply - Rust Disease is mostly an autumn disease on undernourished lawns and it appears when the summer night time temperatures drop. It is rarely seen on regularily mown turf. A fungicide may help.

David Edwards

My new grass has developed brown patches, and lifting a turf the roots are seen to move more in a horizontal direction rather than dowards to the soil.
What is the problem?

The problem is surface compaction - the roots cannot get through the hard compacted turf below. Aeration is the key. Also see Dry Patch

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