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You mention leaving lawn-mowing clippings on the lawn will increase worm activity as the dead and decaying matter is increasing the organic matter content of the soil – a rich food source for worms. However, a lot of areas say to leave the lawnmower clippings as it encourages growth, ph and so on. So, am somewhat puzzled but I do agree in that when I have left grass clippings, worm casts are abundant all over my lawn. So I stop leaving the lawn clippings?

Reply: Earthworms love organic matter. If you mow on a very regular basis, the mown vegetation will burn off in the sun in small amounts rather than a greater mass of mown debris.


My back yard has worm and at night animal I do not know what kind comes and made hole to remove worm. Please let me know what product show I use. Thanks

Reply: Use

Ian muskett

Hi, is it safe to overseed a bowling green after applying a worm surpressant? (Will the seed or its ability to germinate be effected)? If it is not safe then how long is a safe period of time before overseeding? Thanks.

Reply - it is was Carbendazim, then yes.


The best way to rid worm casts is to suck them up with a wet and dry vacuum.

Reply - Use to control them.


Hi we are about to lay new lawn but have suffered previously with really bad worm cast. Do we apply the worm cast control product before or after we lay the lawn? Also as it does not totally eradicate the problem will we need to re-apply the worm cast control product regular every 2 - 3 months? If so this is going to be an expensive way to treat it. Is there no permanent solution?

REPLY - visit Worm will be active September through to April dependant upon what type of spring we get. Currently is was a wet one = lots of lawn worm casts.

Lucy Blake

I have no interest in killing my worms - they're part of the natural fauna of my lawn - but having had a new lawn laid in the autumn - then that lawn having spent most of the winter and spring at water table level - I assume the worms have been gasping for air and trying to escape drowning - so my small lawn now consists of rather water abused grass and a mass population of worm casts - my aim is to try to brush them flat and we have had a week of dry weather - but they do seem to be a bit resistant to flattening - I am on London clay - how can i gently flatten these worm casts - I intend to sprinkle lawn dressing in the under grassed patches and reseed - I have no intention of getting rid of any worms - I value the earths natural organisms

Reply - use It will not harm the worms as we agree they are so important!


We had artificial grass laid down last summer. Over the autumn we noticed worm mounds appearing all over the grass. Is there something we can use to deter them. Obviously we don't need a treatment that will effect the grass seeing as it isn't real. Our beautiful artificial grass now looks horrid due to mud smears when we brush them away.

Reply - will solve the problem. Artificial lawns are not maintenance free sadly and will suffer from pests and weeds and moss and an uneven surface over time. The product will be quite safe to apply to the plastic grass.

aidan parr

Does worm cast still happen middle-end of October I recently changed my blade on my mower and when I do my garden noticed mud patches which I assumed was a dodgy blade after taking my mower back I was assured it wasn't my new blade causing the problem the problem has happened on my mothers and grandmothers garden with the same mower it is a self propelled rear rolling mower.

Reply: It's worm castings. Control with


Im happy to hear there's a treatment against worm casts. I really want it. But do you sell it to Bulgaria or ship it?

Reply - we can ship it to Europe.

steam cleaners

One of natures natural fertilizers as well as insect and disease repellents is called a worm casting. These small nodules are created by red worms as they participate in the composting process, something that they naturally do and have done for millions of years.

Reply - it's not the worms that are a problem for lawn owners, just their casts.

steam cleaners

Many experts prefer electric power machine systems when it comes to treating challenging washing projects. Stress units are highly effective washing machines that use tremendous pressure to boost away dust gathered on almost any hard surface. Stress cleaning solutions are particularly effective in washing commercial flooring surfaces and equipment where the washing needs are difficult and more extreme.

Dermatologist in Brisbane

I am also very fed up with the termites in my lawns and I think your lawn advice blog will really helps me to get some good updates about it.

Peter Dunn

Every year my worms start leaving casts in early September, the grass does not seem to grow under these, causing my lawn to be quite sparse in spring of the next years. However this year i thought it would be better as we have had no rain in British Columbia for about 2 months now. This year i tried pressure washing the lawn. (only spot pressure washing i guess it would be called). This seems to get rid of the piles and hopefully i will not have to re seed next year. Will this cause further damage somehow?

Reply - it sounds a bit drastic to us but if it works. Making the surface really moist may cause some rotting to occur so control of the problem may be the key.

Katy Hepburn

Extraordinarily significance info! just right what I was seem to be!

Reply - happy to help. The advice is free always

Screen Golf

Cheers! A very superior read. Added your lawn blog to bookmarks so I will visit back for new content and to read other peoples comments Thanks again.

Reply - thank you!

Mick Beanse

Is there anything I can do at this time of the year? My lawn is terrible and want to get it sorted for the spring?

Reply - timing is just great if the spring is kind weather wise. Read the post How to Renovate a Lawn and you will be well armed! Also take a look at for products.

Synthetic Turf

Thanks for sharing such an educational post! Keep posting. =)

Worms produce worm casts (small piles of digested earth), which are unsightly, slippery, blunten lawn mowers, affect play on sports turf (e.g. bowls, croquet and golf) and make balls, etc. unpleasant to handle.

The casts also can act as seedbeds for weeds. The action of worms can also facilitate weed growth by pulling down seed material from the surface.

Oh my god..five types of casting worms found in British soils. In my opinion, we must be very careful while gardening.

Reply - thanks for reading our Blog

Andrew Tusabe

Thanks for this article. We have only had our lawn for a year and casts have now began to appear. I was slowly watching my lovely lawn turn to mud, so your article has given me hope of saving it. Once again, thank you for the information.

Reply - our advice is free and timely so please tell your family and friends and colleagues!!


One of my clients has just laid a new lawn about a month ago and has worm casts is this the best way of getting rid of them.

Reply - You do not get rid of them, simply deter them from casting. See to buy CastClear to get rid of worm casts on your lawn

Artificial Grass

Worm casts can be removed mechanically by brushing, switching or using a drag mat. Brushing is only feasible for small areas. Switching involves using a long switch, like a fishing rod, the end of which is swept quickly over the surface of the grass.

Reply - we agree but also the use of a Worm Cast Deterrent will help ay cultural practices like brushing, switching and harrowing or drag matting the dry casts over the lawn as if they were top dressing. Only dry and crusty worm casts may be brushed etc and wet ones only smear the lawn grasses.

mandi townsend

Is this safe to use in a household that has young children and cats?

Reply - yes on all counts. Just keep them off for 24 hours following application. It will leave a little smell for a few days in the air but it soon wears off.

Is the worm cast control solution harmful to children I have 2 young children that play and roll around on the lawn.

Reply - yes on all counts. Just keep them off for 24 hours following application. It will leave a little smell for a few days in the air but it soon wears off.


What square area does you worm cast control product cover per litre.

Reply - One litre will treat up to 500 sqm per single application. Available from Currently selling like hot cakes :0



Reply - We can help by providing a worm cast control product. You can buy 10 litres of it for around £65.00. Email We will have it in 1 litre too. It is not in stock quite yet as only had meeting last Friday but it is good news for domestic lawn owners who can now control worm casts on their lawn.

janet lawton

Please can you help.... One of my lawns which has a wet clay soil has a problem with worm casts. Last year they almost ruined my lawn but a well known lawncare company I used was able to control them with chemicals and it completely eradicated the problem. The worm casts are now returning - I spend about 30 minutes trying to pull each cast off the grass before mowing - but my lawn care company says they are no longer able to use the chemical they applied last year and that it has been withdrawn. Is there anything that they can use or can I obtain the same treatment if I am able to contact a registered professional? Please help before my lawn is ruined!

Reply - We can help by providing a worm cast control product. You can buy 10 litres of it for around £65.00. Email We will have it in 1 litre too. It is not in stock quite yet as only had meeting last Friday but it is good news for domestic lawn owners who can now control worm casts on their lawn.

antonio meza

Thank you, this information is very helpfull, since I have about 2 years and this years is worse.... evenone i pay for a company call WeedMan in Toronto and they said is group (small animal under ground).

I would like to know what chemical I need to buy or tell them to use to cure my lawn...


Toronto, Ontario

Answer - Antonio - any worm cast chemical will not kill the worms but stop them casting for a 2-3 month period so repeat when there are lots more casts. Normally treat Sept/Oct and again Dec/Jan/Feb. In the UK we use an active ingredient called Carbendazim at 4 lts per Ha.

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